Come Flip, Drink and Tilt In Vegas With Us: NAB Pinball Party

March 15, 2013 - By 

It’s a night full of pinball, drinking, and fun sponsored by Maxon and Red Giant and hosted by Greyscalegorilla and Harry Frank.

Come join us during NAB at the Las Vegas Pinball Hall Of Fame. Hang out, drink some free drinks, eat some ice cream and even participate in the Pinball Tournament to win some prizes. Mostly, come hang out with other artists and professionals that will be in town during NAB. All the details are over at the event page. Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP early. Hope to see you there. Party!


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  • Would love to come but the trip from Norway would be to long :)..

    Enjoy the party!!

  • Always wanted to shake hands with GREAT! ScaleGorilla! 🙂

  • Looking forward to it – gotta find a place in LA to sharpen my pinball skills.

  • Can’t wait! So excited for this year at NAB!

  • Awesome! See you there!

  • Hey GSG,

    I am so jealous that I can not make the Vegas trip for the pinball party, mainly because I live in boring Florida. I would like to make one of your gatherings one day and is there any chance that one of them might be near Florida? Also site looks amazing, talk to you later.

  • Oh no all the tickets are gone! I’m on the wait list now 🙂

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