Limited Edition Greyscalegorilla T-Shirt

March 26, 2013 - By 


T-shirts? YES! We made our first T-Shirt to celebrate the excellent new Greyscalegorilla logo and branding from Jeremiah and Danny. It’s a soft, slim-fit, comfy, dark grey shirt with our new brand logo front and center. Finally a logo to love and wear.

The T-Shirt Sale Has Ended

Thank you to everyone who bought a limited edition shirt. We will begin to ship them during the week of April 15.

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  • Ha! Great!… *ding ding ding ding*… 2 M Sized Shirts for Germany ordered… 😉

    They really look great BUT (haha… here comes the rant… 😉 ): Where is that cool stylish “greyscalegorilla” writing? Didn’t fit on the shirt? Looked “rubbish” together with the logo?

    I guess you guys played all possibilities and came up with the best looking shirt anyway…

    Can’t wait to get my parcel… 🙂


    • Hey marscell,

      Did your order already arrive? I’m still waiting for mine. Beeing in Germany too.


  • Pelle , LogicDutch March 26, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Looks awesome! , but I agree with Marscell why not the Greyscalegorilla writing?
    and why not a popping colour? But guys this looks wicked !

  • Realy like the t-shirts, but I’d like to make a hoddie with the logo (cause i live in the notrh) can i use the loggo?

  • Do the GEOADAY guys work at your office now?

  • Can’t wait to get mine! 😀

  • Just ordered mine. Don’t be jealous. :p

  • i’d buy one in orange! (just ordered this one too though)

  • I’d love to see one with your name on it somewhere. I feel like no one would really understand why I’m wearing a shirt with a gorilla on it up here in North Idaho 😉

  • Yes, but that’s the whole idea.. The majority of people will just think that’s a cool looking gorilla on your shirt. But, the few that come up to you and say “Hay! Greyscalegorilla, I love that guy” You’ll know a true follower.. Love the shirt Nick, just the way it is.. hoodies aren’t cool.

  • 2 T shirt for Italy!! great!!

  • Wait. You’re 6 foot 2!? ????

  • oh only the shipping to Dubai cost 14 box, but more variation on colors would be great thou.

  • Will go great with my C4D shirt. I love the design, it’s very GSG.

  • I see the threat of “Occupy GSG” worked. Muhahahaha! I will be purchasing one soon!

  • Slim fit? You skinny people think you’re so cool. I guess no shirt for me then.

  • Are the eyes and nostrils diff colors on the printed shirt?

  • I really love the concept, its awesome.

  • I’m from China?I’m learning Cinema 4D.My English is not good?You have always been my idol?I just want to say I love you?

  • Fuchsia would be hot. But yeah wait til the $$$ rolls in from this sale. It’s all about branding.

  • Love It! Can’t wait to receive it in the mail! Love your tutorials and talks! Love, love, love me some GSG.

  • want one but any chance you can make a ‘small logo’ version ? less is more

  • I want a shirt
    how I can send it to Argentina?

  • Yeah! Got mine… woho!

  • will order one for OKC area soon

  • Love the shirt…..the gorilla’s hair style looks oddly familiar 😉

    Please unpack this statement: “This Batch 01 shirt color will never be printed again.”

    Does this mean there will be future batches with different colors?

    Any thoughts to polo shirts?

  • Looks too much like the band Gorillaz. Especially with no name.

    Also, your a graphic design artist, can’t you do better? Sure simple is good but it’s only a gorilla head. Adding some artistic detail to this single idea would of been better.

    Price: $20 sounds like to me like your more interested in making money than promoting yourself. I’d pay $25-30 for a t-shirt that had more colors/graphics and was union made and organic.

    Hope my comments help. Just bought the book T-Shirt Profits by Andreea Ayers and look forward to reading it. Seemed like the best one on this subject.

    • You’re coming down on him for not charging more money? Why don’t you go ahead and donate more money, then?

      • Hey John,

        Sorry you feel like I’m “coming down” on him. I would like to apologize for the “your more interested in making money than promoting yourself” comment.

        Everything else I wrote should stand. I like the design but I wouldn’t wear it. I think the design would be better as tag or small logo printed on the shirt (thinking of Johnny Cupcakes cupcake logo on a tag located on a seam).

  • When can we expect delivery (ordered Mar27)? I live in LA… How many of these did you guys print anyway? Glad I got this limited edition…

  • Just wondering when these are going to ship out. Ordered mine on the day they went on sale and haven’t gotten a shipping notification yet.

  • The shirts will be shipped out around April 17th. If you have questions about your order, you can email support. 🙂


    I just popped on the site to buy one… Well, I was gonna two…


  • Ordered mine, can’t wait!!!

  • I ordered 2 t-shirts on 4/7. The money was taken and the order confirmed. It is now the 29th of April and I have not heard anything about the t-shirts. I would like to know where my shirts are. Please email back. I have also emailed the support email account about this.


  • Charles Lamour May 6, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    Hey Guys I purchased my T-shirt a long time ago and I’m still waiting 🙁 I believe I’ve been waiting for a month now… Help me out Nick!

  • just got my t-shirt yesterday! its awesome. thank you!

  • Just got my t-shirt in Melbourne. Love it. Thanks guys!

  • Mine came in yesterday! Thanks from Holland!!

  • Ordered mine Mar27, I went to Manila mid-April and will be back in LA this weekend. Just wanted to know if I should expect something in my mail since I didn’t get any info if it went out… Thank you!

  • Hi Nick, can you please do this t-shirt thing again soon? And add some more options such as hoddies and different colors, or even hats?! Motiongraphic designers nowadays lack apparels identify ourselves as a community and Greyscalegorilla do have a good name among a lot of people.

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