Five Second Project “Bounce” Winners

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Congratulations to Phil Borst for winning the “Bounce” Five Second Project for March. There is some lovely key-framing and subtle particle work in this piece. You can also download this scene file over at his Vimeo page. Great work.

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  • Could you please make a tutorial to achieve a technique similar to Alex Reig’s bounce video? The particles appear driven by the animation of a hand which is at first scattered and abstract and then forms into the correct shape.



    • Hi.
      I think he used inheritance effector with “morphing motion object” option checked. with that, you can morph your cloner to another one (they must have the same number of clones)

  • How did Alex Reig not win? That was awesome.

    Anyway, different strokes for different folks I guess.

    Yes please do make a tutorial from his submission.

  • -Kays,Ivan- Just explore this site, and you’ll find the answer. Its not really hard.

  • Can anyone tell me how the winner did those sparkles effects in the background? I mean those white lines that ‘pop’. I guess it was done in After Effects, but is there some special plug in for that or is it some ‘effect’ i’m not aware of?

  • Nice 1 Nick. I think many of us did not expect that piece to win but the comment you made, which I really appreciate, makes one look at things from a different point of view. That’s what the polemic comment I once made about the 5 sec prj was all about… Little things that make the difference. Still hoping you’ll push it a bit further though!

  • Nice project)))

  • hi nick,
    Could you please make a tutorial to achieve a technique similar to Alex Reig’s video?

  • Crazy lovely animations. I didn’t expect that much !

  • Wow. Wish I can do that. Really cool!

  • YEah game is a bit rigged 🙂

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