ROBOBIRD! Spy vs Guy Behind The Scenes And We Helped

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We have been yelling ROBOBIRD! around the Greyscalegorilla offices a lot lately. It’s partly because we are a bit nuts, but it’s mostly because the fine folks at Red Giant asked us for some help with their spectacular new film, Spy vs Guy. We LOVED all the Seth Worely films over the last few years and couldn’t help but say “Heck Yeah!” to helping with their latest film. Chris Schmidt offered to help animate the films robotic bird and help crush a soda machine. He has a great knowledge of character animation and got the scenes animated, rigged, lit, and ready for composite in less than two weeks. Chris adds…

The deadline was already looming when we were asked to help tackle the pigeon in Spy Vs Guy but I’ve been a big fan of the Red Giant short films since the beginning, especially after seeing Seth give the keynote speech at the Media Motion Ball at NAB last year. It was really great to be able to just focus on the character and know I was passing it off to capable hands to be composited. It was especially fun to be able to do a little bit of character animation after being away from it for a couple of years. It has definitely inspired me to try and get a little bit of rigging and character animation onto Greyscalegorilla in the coming months.

Thanks again to Red Giant for the opportunity to help with Spy vs Guy. We hope to be able to break down more of these shots soon here on the blog. Be sure to look for Chris and Me point at the screen and laugh in the behind the scenes video above.

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  • Aharon Rabinowitz April 25, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    You guys are awesome, and we can’t thank you enough for helping us make Spy vs Guy. Chris is such a pro and I loved working with him on this project because I could tell he was enjoying the process of bringing Robobird to life – and that enjoyment was infectious. When you work with people who love what they do, you get awesome results – but the journey is just as rewarding. Thanks for your help guys!

  • Great work you guys!! Can you let us know what you learn while working on this project and did you get to use Bullet proof?

  • Who one of you came up with this a chevron on a rocket? It’s just a set of Cyrillic words, and it seems that you don’t even figure out how to write in Russian. You just had to ask. After all, you have so many subscribers in Russia =)

    In many american movies, the creators did’t try to explore the aspect of language that they need to convey in the film. And this is very disappointing.

    in short:
    1. “Rocket” written as “Mocket” (in translation).
    2. “NOT” as “NQI”
    3. “explodes” as “meaningless_set_of_letters_in_the two_words”

    its all both funny and sad.

  • Great work, looked like fun

    I must say that this behind the scenes.. sounds like a Dell love fest..

    • Dell loves to make these sorts of videos, that are essentially marketing pieces masked as news, behind the scenes and making of’s. I used to work on these sorts of videos for them and it really is a marketing sham to make it appear as if the film industry has “switched” over to using Dell as opposed to Apple or other vendors. They called these “switcher” videos internally.

      Still, a cool end product nonetheless.

  • Hey guys, superb work. The world just keep getting better.
    How about doing a modelling tut of a pigeon …. just for old-time sake!
    At any rate …. my hats off to you guys!

  • Great guys!!! Congrats.

  • I see a whole lot feathers flying in coming tutorials 😉

  • How about the new 5sec competition theme… Wait for it… bird?

  • Awesome work!

    I’d love to see some character animation tutorials here on the site!

  • Team work never failed

    I really enjoyed the video

  • Truly and Honestly, you’re the best!!!

  • Thanks dud! and i mean it this time….
    you really awesome …
    bien jop…parfait.

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