Five Second Project “Eggs Eggs Everywhere” Winners

May 28, 2013 - By 


There have been SO many great entries to the Five Second Projects lately. Especially the latest Eggs Eggs Everywhere theme. With over 100 entries, I just couldn’t choose only ONE winner this month. So for the first time ever, this month there are two winners. Congrats to Andrew T. and Brancuzi for winning the latest Five Second Project. Great work!

Don’t forget to watch all the honorable mentions below. You can also see all the entries over at the Vimeo Channel. Another Project will be announced soon.

Honorable Mentions

  • Congrats to the Winners! ..Real sweet work! 😀
    My entry didnt get in, because i was a day late. Just sharing, so it wont go to waste :]

  • they are all so good, I like splat

  • Whoah, nice :O Congratz to another winner too!

  • All of these are egg-cellent! My favorite has to be “egg/feather” and “BadEgg”

    The five second projects are amazing, I really want to try getting in the action next time. I know the winners were just announced for this round, however how long will it be till you announce the next 5-sec-project?

  • Wow, Eggbot is amazing. They’re all very well done.

  • Thanks for the honorable mention! Chuffed! I made a new work since then Street Fighter Motion Sculptures check it out >>>

  • Congratulations for the winners!
    But I have to say, would not be my choice. So many great thing on the honorable mentions!

  • How do I submit work for a 5 second project? And how do I find out when new topics arrive?

  • Great work everyone!!

  • Eggbot=robbed. Great work by all though.

  • Great work…days of hard work for 5 secs…I suppose.

    I prefer the “honorable mentions” cuts more than the winners projects…

    Anyway maybe one day we can also vote for the winners…maybe 50% readers and 50% Greyscalegorilla? Just an idea…

    thank you for the great work on the site.

  • Wow, glad to be in honorables mentions 😀
    For those how would be interested by other of my stuff, check out my last motion reel :
    Feel free to comment !

  • I am interested in 3D animation and I am looking into Cinema 4D, but was wondering if most folks use Cinema 4D Prime or the more expensive Cinema 4D Studio.

  • any chance to enroll in these competitions ? not sure where and when it is posted. thanks

  • Do not why my video was not in this event i was on time check it

  • Na. Most of the honarable mentions were actually better then the winners.
    Like eggbot for example. Awesome!

  • Wow, I can understand why you chose two winners. These are all so amazing!

  • Have to agree, eggbot deserves a place in the top, great render. Don’t like knocking any entries but I would have chosen a few others as well. Good job to all though and congrats to winners

  • I see that there are a lot of people saying that the honorable mentions are better than the winners (I was one of them by the way).
    So, I would love to hear about Nick or any other GSG member, why those 2 were chosen, because maybe you guys saw something else that we didn’t. I mean, maybe there’s something about that projects that made you classify them as winners, some good use of a specific technique or a good taste for something, I don’t know. It would be great to have a feedback, or a comment on why did the winners win (sorry about the English, I don’t know if that makes sense).
    I think you got it, not only “TA-DA, this is the winner”, but “What we loved about this project is…”.
    Just a tip to bring more discussions about.
    But congratulations again to everybody who submitted!
    And my GSG shirt arrived this week, it looks great!

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