Paper Tear Effect with Cinema 4D & After Effects

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Robert Hranitzky made a great breakdown of how he made this torn paper effect for the GenArts Reel Intro using some scanned paper, the bend deformer, Cinema 4D and After Effects. I met Robert and saw him present at NAB this year. I loved his direct teaching style and his great eye for design and sexy compositing. The tutorial world needs more like him.

Breakdown Video

Scene File

Robert was nice enough to share a low rez version of his scene file for you to see exactly how the textures and scene is set up.

Download The Scene File

Scene file is for training purposes only. Please do not resell.

  • I’ve always loved that piece and was wondering how he made it. Thx Nick

  • That effect with Bend don’t work ! I try that but my plane just don’t get that effect . It just goes up in the air … Some help plz ..
    Thanks NICK .

  • Hi,
    I love your work. I have did some designs work, how I can show you them .

  • Some really cool and elegant techniques in both programs. Awesome!

    Thank you

  • Great stuff thank you!. im always amazed how good something can look and then how simple it actually is to create it..

  • I cannot achieve this effect. i already raise the number of segments in the plane object and nothing happens as show in the tutorial, Some help please! And thanks for this Tut!

    • I was having the same problem. The key to getting it to roll up like a carpet is that you have to adjust the bank on the rotation of the bend deformer. Otherwise the polygons will bend into a perfect circle and overlap without appearing to roll up. If you adjust the bank property by one or two degrees you will get the effect you’re after.

      • Thank you Brandon! Indeed, after checking some tutorials about Bend Deformer I found out the problem. Many thanks to all of you, specially to Robert and GSG!

  • Yes great work.
    Well i think you know it 🙂
    but wanted to post because it is amazing:

  • well. i try make it work, but the bender effector dont cooperate… well done Robert Hranitzky nice work!. and thanks for show us the behind scene.

  • Hi there! Can anybody tell me how to add the paper texture to the planes? Which kind of material projection are you using? I don´t know how to get the positive and the negative part of the paper directly on top of each other…Cheers!

  • Robert Hranitzky June 3, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Thank you all for your kind comments. Really happy to see it’s so well received out there! As you have seen by Nick’s blog update, I have made the the project file available, which should answer most of you questions! Enjoy

  • Perfect Design June 3, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Thank you Nick for this awesome tutorial ^^

  • Thanks Robert! This is great! The project file really explains how you got the bend deformer to work.

    For everyone having bend deformer issues: Try a Bend coord Rotation of H-110, P-0, B-91. This orients the bend similarly to Roberts plane. And the extra 1 degree on B(ank) gives the overlapping paper roll effect, without the intersection!
    Then, just animate the deformer’s position!

  • It’s very nice.
    One comment…I would treat the edges on backside of the paper curl the same as the flat so you get the nice depth to the paper that you have on the flat edges.
    Great work.

  • Awesome! Danke! 🙂

  • Lost Marble Media June 4, 2013 at 1:29 am

    Loved this! Simple but clever and extremely detailed but not too faffy. If that makes sense? 🙂

  • Joshua Perlson June 4, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    I don’t understand how he gets the paper to curl inwards. When I do the bend, the paper just curls into itself. Can anyone help?

  • Thx a lot Robert for sharing the scene file, very helpful to see this up close

  • AWESOME!!!
    Something to look at similiar effect ? :
    Peeling Effect (

  • awesome work

  • It’s a really cool tutorial, thank you.

    I found a problem when trying to roll a really large piece of paper. When the “paper roll” gets bigger the scratched edges get a black color even if having applied a matte alpha. I guess c4d is not able manage the amount of “layers” in the roll and that makes the invisible, visible.

    It is like if it was no real “0 opacity” and it really is accumulating a “0,000001” one and another time.

    ¿There is any solution? Thanks! 😀

  • perfect…
    Many Thanks ….

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