Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite Tutorial Series

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Adobe Creative Cloud Launch

Adobe brought 2.5D to After Effects way back in 2001 with Version 5.0. Now they finally bring us full 3D with their latest version of their Creative Cloud available for download now for current subscribers.

It comes with a ton of fun new stuff. But, we are most excited about Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite. These new tools integrate Cinema 4D and After Effects tighter than ever before offering real 3D scenes inside of After Effects. If you are a current Cinema 4D user, Cineware will allow you to bring in your 3D scenes directly into AE without rendering.

Cinema 4D Lite Tutorials For Current After Effects Users

If you are a current After Effects Creative Cloud user and have always wanted to try Cinema 4D, now is your chance. Even if you have never used 3D before, we created a series of video tutorials specifically for the current AE user that wants to integrate the new Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware into their workflow.

Watch Our Cinema 4D Lite Tutorial Series


What Does All This Mean For Current Cinema 4D Users?

Sure, Cinema 4D Lite is exciting. There will be thousands more people that have access to a version of Cinema 4D that is included directly inside After Effects. But, what about people that already own a professional version of Cinema 4D? Well, you can still use Cineware in the same way to bring in your current C4D projects into AE. And, because you have a Profesional version of C4D, you will be able to bring in renders that use Dynamics and the full Mograph suite directly into AE.

This first series of tutorials is more for current AE users, but we have a TON of new tutorials coming out soon that will be more geared toward C4D users wanting to learn the AE/CINEWARE side of the workflow. Actually, head over to this post and watch the “Demo For Cinema 4D Users” video to get an idea of what Cineware can do.

In the mean time, be sure to tell your AE friends looking to learn C4D about the Cinema 4D Lite Training Series that we made specifically for them to get up to speed and learn Cinema 4D.

I Just Want More C4D Tuts?!?!

Tired of all the Creative Cloud talk? Relax! Go watch one of our hundreds of other tutorials over on our Tutorials page. We will have new Cinema 4D tutorials up soon.

  • “I Just Want More C4D Tuts?!?!

    Tired of all the Creative Cloud talk? Relax! Just go watch one of our hundreds of other tutorials over on our Tutorials page.”

    Should we read this as basically shut up and stop moaning? lol. I have the utmost respect for you guys and always thankful for all the tuts you’ve done (for free). But I suppose while Cineware is interesting, it’s also an included bit of currently controversial version of AE (subscription based). Cynical minded might ask why you guys are doing the hard sell for Adobe now? Also as it’s about a month since the last real tutorial (Iron Man tut) I guess people might wonder what’s going on.

    • I respectfully agree

    • This was only meant to let everyone know that we will still be doing C4D tutorials soon. But for this week, we will be focusing on the new Cineware stuff. We don’t work for Adobe, but we are really excited to help teach people interested in Cinema 4D.

      • Guys, whether Nick works for Adobe or not, it really doesn’t matter. Bottom line is, he’s introducing the public to a freaking amazing new workflow between 2 powerhouse applications.
        If he’s making sales for Adobe in the process (which I don’t believe he is), then I say good for him! I’m sure 99.99% of others would do exactly the same if given the opportunity.
        If you feel like you’re absolutely hanging out for tutorials, then I’d suggest going back over some of the old ones very thoroughly, and picking up on the hints/tips that you may have missed the last time you watched.

        Thanks Nick, you guys continue to do a great service to the public

      • Thats the best part.. your enthusiasm is infectious. I owe you my livelihood.. LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! #beastmode

    • Alex R,


      Your post sounds a little bit like a guilt trip aimed at making Nick the standard bearer in your fight against a subscription based AE. I don’t think Nick should take any sides. It’s the direction Adobe has taken. Why wouldn’t GSG break down the software? The C4D integration is like the best thing that could have happened to this site.

      Obviously, Nick wants to serve the community as much as possible. No doubt. The guy is selfless. I don’t know how well his products do, but they’re out there. AE users coming to C4D means hungry users for knowledge means exposure to his products. It’s not a bad or greedy thing, he’s just a smart man.

      • I’m sorry it read like that. I have no problem with Adobe’s CC (I use and enjoy it) and certainly have no fight against it. But that doesn’t detract from it being controversial.
        My first line was a bad joke (hence the lol at the end) as that’s how Nick’s words sounded in my head when I read them.

    • That would only be true if not for the fact that he’s always promoted helpful new software features long before Creative Cloud was ever thought of.

  • Thanks Nick!

  • I think this with integration to AE will be great. So far Cinema 4D have been a bit of the small CGI software that is not as well spread to schools so finding good people that work with cinema have been hard especially where im based in Sweden. We have been trying to find people to hire that work with cinema 4D but nothing have come out of it. It is a shame because what we produce in Cinema 4D is as good as any other 3D software. This will also bring in more third party plugin developers to produce more plugins for cinema because of the growth of the software.

    • I actually worked with quite a few people who are familiar or proficient with C4D, here in Montreal it seems it is more common. One thing is for sure, learning C4D is a mostly enjoyable experience.

  • It sucks thou that i’ll have to wait till 11pm EDT to download it as it is released at 8pm PDT 🙁

    • Ahh that explains why the update hasn’t come through, thanks for putting my mind at rest.. Can’t wait for the update so I can play with Cineware.
      Im new to After Effects. So this will really help me use After Effects more.

      Thanks Nick for all these great videos, Really can’t wait to delve in to it and get learning.

  • Hi,

    i Know that this isn’t the Adobe Support Forum, but I wonder how you managed to download After Effects CC from your Creative Cloud?!

    When I open the Adobe Application Manager I only get this weird “Everything is ok, no new Updates available”-message or whatever it says in english. Is it because the german release is some time after today or is the 17. June meant to be the global release date?

    BTW.: Great website and extraordinary Tutorials and thank you so much for posting all that stuff for free 😀

    • Word from Adobe is that it will be available to the public at 10PM CST June 17th. You should be able to download it then.

      • Ah, ok thanks Nick. I always forget that there are different time zones when it comes to release dates and live presentations XD

        So, if I’m not totally wrong the German release must be at 5 am on 18. June.

  • Nick,
    How do I get AE cc to work with Cinema 4d studio instead of the lite version?

    • Agreed, running into the same problem. It launches Lite every time with no option or pref to change it anywhere.

    • Couldn’t get R12 to open by default either 🙁

      Resolved the issue (on a Mac), by renaming the ‘CINEMA 4D’ (found in AE plugins folder) to something random, then created an alias named ‘CINEMA 4D’ pointing to R12.

      A stupid solution, but it’s rookie programming error to assume C4D is always installed in the default location when the first question you get asked after purchase is “Where would you like to install this”.

      Hope a more sensible solution gets presented soon.

  • This series is primarily for beginners to both platforms (AE and C4D), is there anything in a more advanced area in the pipeline for Cineware? I’m speaking of tutorials, ofcourse.


  • Is anyone else having an issue where the .c4d project file isn’t recognized by AE or their mac? I get a terminal icon in my project window in AE and my desktop. when I double click on the project file it says it has no associated program. This is Cinema 4d Lite in the new AE CC on Mountain Lion. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Brian, I just updated to AE CC today and am having the same .c4d icon problem you described. Did you figure out a solution?

  • Lost Marble Media June 19, 2013 at 3:46 am

    I just joined CC yesterday and it’s an awesome step up. I was a little suspicious when it was first announced but there’s nothing to worry about. I use Adobe products for professional purposes and to be honest, unless you only use them for playing around, I can’t imagine why someone would argue with paying monthly.

    Anyhow, great tuts and very timely! Much appreciated!

  • I know this question is completely unrelated, out of topic…whatever, but I need to ask somebody.
    Moving my wacom pen around without touching the tablet stops the rendering in the viewport on R14. It’s driving me crazy. Any idea?

    Sorry for my “assholeness” 🙂

  • So random effector and plain effector are the only ones that work? Im trying to use the delay effector and nothin translate over to AE, which is very disappointing. Any insite to this would be great.

    • You will need to bake keyframes for the Delay effector.

      • That makes me sad.

      • That’s pretty bad. So now that we know what cineware can do, it would be super helpful to also know what it can’t do.

        • Yeah, there are definitely some limitations. I’m bumping into them, too. But, I know for sure, the team at Maxon and Adobe are trying to make Cineware render as much as possible in future versions.

          • No doubt it’s only gonna get better. More to my point though, is it possible to compile a list of some of the limitations? As much as I am excited about the new features, I’ve purposely held off on upgrading for now because I’ve learned over the years to never be .0 on anything no matter how compelling the initial hype. A list of limitations would go a long way toward helping me decide if it’s time to dive in. At this point I’m googling for the random chatter around the web. It’d be nice for a localised authority such as yourself to give us the heads up.


    Cineware test!
    vVery usefull feature especially with picky customers ask for modifications over modifications… 😀
    But after all, i was suprised (even disapointed) to not find more in Cineware. I really was thinking some sort “optimize” render engine to speed up render time. Anyway! Already very cool!

  • Hi everybody,
    i am posting here, because MAXON and ADOBE didn´t have a solution for the following problem. Since AE-CC Cineware i have trouble with the c4dimporter plugin!

    After installing the c4dimporter.plugin into the AE plugin folder, I get error messages while startup process in AE like AEGP-Plugin SDK_IO: There was an error registering the plugin / Unexpected FunctionBlock5 Flags for FunctionBlock4 / AEGP SDK_IO : Could not register file type

    The plugin is the latest version from the MAXON program folder (Exchange Plugins)
    When i remove the c4dimporter plugin everything works fine except for the problem that I can not load .aec data from cinema4d.

    I have requested the maxon support, but they told me “the error messages are internal error messages of After Effects! For this purpose, you need to contact Adobe”.
    Adobe has not responded yet to my request!

    Im running OSX 10.8.4
    Cinema4D R14 Studio
    After Effects CC (of course)
    Ext. Plugins:
    Trapcode From / Particular
    Optical Flares
    ReVision RSMB

    Maybe someone of you has a solution!
    That would be a great help!

    Thanks in advance!
    best regards

  • Hello Nick, I was working with cineware and studio r14 for a project that use cloner and basic lights, and when I render with AE, the render that supposed to take 6 minutes, takes 1 hour. But when I use the old mode, the C4D render and AE takes only 5 minutes each. Is this because the cineware render is slower?

  • Hello Nick,
    I have a question…whenever I want to open Cinema 4D in AfterEffects CC, the Lite version opens instead of my Cinema 4D R14. What should I do?

    Thanks in advance.

  • How can I get cineware, for me who use C4D R13 and AE CS6 within cineware included in the two softwares, Where can I find it…. Is it downloadable for R13 ? Please if anyone can help this is my mail

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