Greyscalegorilla At Animagraphic 2013

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I just found out that I will be attending the Animagraphic Festival in Colombia on Setpember 24th and 25th. I will be presenting the new Cineware layer in After Effects and talking about the new workflow between AE and Cinema 4D. They even will have a translator there. I hope my stupid jokes are still funny in Spanish. If you are in the area or are heading to the festival, stop on by and say hola.

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  • take a plane to brazil ahahaha

  • Hey Nick! Great news! we’ll be glad to have you here. Please correct “Columbia” for “Colombia”, is a very common mistake. Hope we can meet personally soon!

  • Hi Nick!
    I’m from Brazil. You should come here for the Pixel Show which happens at October 19-20th in Sao Paulo.
    Do you know Pixel Show? Here the site
    It would be amazing!
    Look foward to that!
    Have a nice week! Bye

  • ¿por qué el pollo cruzó la carretera… porque estaba siendo perseguido por un gorila.

  • hi nick tal, soy de la ciudad de Medellín, Colombia y estare ahi, Dios e hice todos sus tutoriales!, y siempre había soñado con conocerlo personalmente, así que voy a estar esperando en la ciudad de Bogotá, qué pena que no fuiste a Medellín nivel 3d alla es mejor y hay más gente que se implementan en el cine 4D!, además de que las mujeres son más bellas en mi ciudad! 😉

  • hi nick such, I am from the city of Medellin Colombia and you’ll be waiting here, God and made ??all your tutorials!!, and had always dreamed of knowing him personally, so I’ll be waiting in the city of Bogota , what a shame you did not go to Medellin alla 3d level is better and there are more people that are implemented in cinema 4d!, besides that women are more beautiful in my city! 😉

  • There is a chance, I can make it. Where exactly will this be located? I checked the website and it doesn’t say anything about what city it will be at.

  • Hola, si quieren visitar la página del evento es:

    Hi, if you want to visit the web site event is:

  • mmmm setpember 😉

  • Wow!! Super pumped that you’re going to speak in my country (although i live in NY these days). If i can make it, i’ll definitely go back to support. Suerte!

  • I just can’t believe it Nick. I’m a big fan of yours and I’ll definitely be there :). I hope you enjoy your time here

  • Saludos cordiales de Ecuador-Sur América, es un país fronterizo con Colombia, será muy provechoso escuchar tu exposición.

  • Hey Nick! Im a big fan! We are waiting you.

  • Have a safe, fun trip, Nick!

  • hello from barranquilla colombia,

  • Artur Colpani Rabello June 19, 2013 at 7:27 am

    Hi Nick!
    I’m from Brazil I live in the city of Florianópolis. I will be in Colombia in animagraphic festival. . I have not mastered the English language but their tutorials are very easy to understand, thank you and welcome to south america.
    Im a big fan.

  • Hello everybody there,
    First of all, congrats for the Red Giant collaboration.
    Then I’d like to aware about something: as every language has its own way of being used, all the jokes are in some way unable to be translated. Because of this there is a sentence used usually when a joke has to be translated that says: “It would be polite if you laugh at this moment”

  • Come to Chile! Te esperamos.


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