Introducing Light Kit Pro 2.0

June 21, 2013 - By 

Realistic Studio Lighting in Cinema 4D And Cinema 4D Lite

We just launched the latest version of Light Kit Pro. It’s the fastest way to get Studio Quality Lights directly inside Cinema 4D.

Compatible With All Versions Including Cinema 4D Lite

First the big news. Light Kit Pro is now compatible with ALL versions and flavors of Cinema 4D including Prime, Visualize, Broadcast and Studio. It even works with Cinema 4D Lite. If you have any version of Cinema 4D after R12, then you are ready to light.

Updated Softbox

We redesgined our custom soft box rigs to be more flexible, easer to use, and faster to render while still being realistic to real world soft boxes. These lights are designed to mimic real studio lights and help make your renders more beautiful with less time.

New Rig

We added the brand new Global Light to make it easier to get that GI look without all the slow render times and flickering that go along with it. Combine Global Light with Ambient Occlusion for trouble free and fast global lighting effects.

What’s New In Light Kit Pro 2.0

New Studio Presets

Over 40 new lighting presets including all new Type animation presets. Ready to animate 3D type. All light studios are ready to be used with animation or still renders and are optimized for beautiful renders with less render time.

Get Light Kit Pro

Free Update For Current Users

If you currently own Light Kit Pro or own a bundle that includes it, then you should get an email with a free upgrade. If you don’t get the email in the next day, hit us up in support with the email you used to purchase your version of Light Kit Pro and we will get you a new version right away.

  • I loved the first video above. This is awesome, lets break the Piggy bank!

  • Thank you for the great update. By the way, can you tell me what is your desktop specs right now. I’ve never seen so many rendering squares, it’s ridiculous.

    Thanks again

    • I think Nick uses the MacPro 2010 12core (24threads)

      I’m looking forward to the new MacPro (Darth Pro 😉 especially for the graphics card configuration. In this case it does nothing for your final render, but I think more and more software are going to benefit from the power of gfx card. So maybe Cinema4D r15 will take advantage (I believe Blender already does).

      But besides final rendering, imagine the power for realtime mograph simulations in your viewport! With two top of the line AMD w9000’s (crossfire) that’s insane!

      But enough tech talk, back to the new light kit!

      Nick I just installed the update, really nice! Playing around with the Global Light preset, nice gi alternative for animation! I wonder how it works?

  • WoW! What can i say? Thanks for this great update! I love the LightKit and now i can’t wait to render some new scenes! 🙂

    Thanks Nick and thanks to everybody at GSG.. Keep up this great work & side.

    cheers from germany,

  • Hey–what’s up? Just bought this Light Kit 2.0 and I’m getting Texture errors:
    Window3.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillahdrilightkitpro1.5.lib4d/tex)
    Circle.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillahdrilightkitpro1.5.lib4d/tex)
    RoundedCorners2.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillahdrilightkitpro1.5.lib4d/tex)
    Stripes.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillahdrilightkitpro1.5.lib4d/tex)
    OctagonBox.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillahdrilightkitpro1.5.lib4d/tex)
    Gradient.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillahdrilightkitpro1.5.lib4d/tex)

    I’ve never had problems with installing GSG products (yes, I copied the textures into the TEX folder.) What else could I be doing wrong?

    • Hi Tod,

      Are you running this on old scenes? Try this. In your extras folder, you will see a Scripts folder. Run that script on your old scenes to update them to the new textures.

      Let me know if that works.


      • I uninstalled the Light Kit, rebooted my system, re-installed the Light Kit and…voila! I reeaally like the new studios–they will save me a lot of time setting up my scenes. You hit a homer with this one. Thanks a lot!
        When is the updated GSG Transform coming out?……(just asking)

        • Updated Transform, cool! I hope collision is possible!

          Been playing with the new light kit 2.0 and I’m sure I’m gonna use it again in my workflow. For a long time I only used the gsg hdri studio kit with al the hdri presets for lighting my scene. But rendering animations with GI takes a lot of time.

          The new lightkit pro 2.0 is a good alternative for rendering sexy looking animations without real GI in less time!

          Thanks for the free update Nick!

  • Awesome product video.

  • I gotta say that the folks over at GSG have really stepped it up this year. There is so much new content and updates going on. Love this site and what it has taught me about C4D.
    Keep it comin!

  • Hey Nick,

    awesome product, but are you really thinking to create a version for C4D Vray? It would be astonishing!

  • I use the older lightkit for almost every scene I make. I love this new one.

  • Hi Nick!
    Thanks for a great update. I had a question about scale in your studio setups. I do a lot of product shots, and need them to stay in scale with each other for group shots, etc. what is your base scale set at when you build your studios, and is there an easy way to scale them up and down for larger/ smaller objects, so the objects can stay true to size.

    Also, any chance these will be compatible with V-Ray for C4D?



  • Hi Nick,

    thank you for the update. And furthermore: Thank you that you keep it free of charge for existing customers. 🙂


  • I love you Nick.
    Here is the link for something i have made. I have used GSG light kit pro and all the techniques you have taught me.
    Keep it up man

  • Putting imperfections in the softboxes is genius. Anything to put those natural looking imperfections into a scene is always a good step towards making something look more realistic. Great work as always.

  • I love that the naming convention are now consistent, but I still have questions.
    I now have the update GSG_Light_Kit_Pro which I think used to be GSG_HDRI_LightKitPro1.5, but I also have GSG_HDRI_Studio_Pack. They all seem to be just a little bit different yet the same. Should I keep them or get rid of GSG_HDRI_LightKitPro1.5 Which shows up in the browser as greyscalegorilla HDR LightKitPro1.5 btw.


    Also, contrary to the Texture Kit install instruction, My old one was called “Texture Kit” without the GSG and therefore never got replaced do to the new name “GSG_Texture_Kit Pro. Just a heads up that some may get confused if the old is not deleted.

  • Bought this yesterday and couldn’t be happier. It’s a real pleasure to use and the results are rad.

    I used one of the studios for the render. I threw in an extra softbox to get some more light on the brain. I played about with some settings (again really user friendly) to get the glass looking nice.

    Thanks Nick and team for an awesome product.

  • Hi Nick

    I love the LightKit Pro and i had it 🙂

    Thanks for the new update Nick!

  • Hi Nick,

    Do the lights all work without GI?

    I’d love to know more about the Global Light – maybe a short video?
    I really like the look GI can give but on a single machine setup in a small studio it’s impractical due to to flicker and pre pass times.


  • Christian Maldonado July 20, 2013 at 12:46 am

    Hi Nick
    I have a question ?
    The light kit pro its now compatible whit V-Ray 4d Cinema?

  • Hello!
    is it possible to combine your HDRI Light with Parts of Light Kit Pro?


  • Hi Nick,

    I purchased Light Kit Pro 2.0 and found that the folder called Extra Rig (in 2 – Extras folder) empty. Are there any files supposed to be in this folder, or is it just an empty folder?
    Please let me know.


  • Hello Nick,

    “Seen by Camera” option for Ring Light seems not working.
    Even if I unchecked the box, the lights are still visible when I render…
    I have the previous version of Light Kit Pro and see that works.

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has this problem, but would you please look into this?

    Thank you!

    • Nick, I’m having the same issue that Emily had. “Seen by Camera” doesn’t work for the ring light. It does work for the other lights in the rig. Is there a fix for this?

  • Hi Nick

    Is there an easy way to scale your studio up? I wanted to use one but im working to scale and would really like to scale everything up. Any ideas?


  • I bought this to use for cinema 4D lite. However the installation process is only for Cinema 4D not the lite version.

  • I also get the issue with the “seen by camera” option. I wias trying the option on the ring light: it change the “seen by camera” check box in the “compositing tag” of the “null” object, but as you also have a compositing tag in the “cylinder” & “Sphere” object, this one is taking the lead and the spheres (or cylinders) are still visible… You can simple unchecked it in the compositing tag of the sphere or cylinder.
    Nick, will it be corrected?

  • Really good work on this light kit. But it would be even cooler if it worked for vray too. 🙂

  • Thanks so much, Nick, I don’t render anything without GSG 🙂

    I don’t know how to install LKP 2.0 into R17 – I don’t see a tex folder! What am I missing?

    Thanks mucho

  • Hi there,

    I have a silly question is that when I rendered scene presets with Arnold, nothing happened, only black scene. Lightkit is not compatible with Arnold?

    By the way, LightKit is amazing, work very well with physical render.

    Thank you,

  • Greyscale need to release a new video for installing LKP fro R18.

  • Bought this $100 kit, and no support on how to install on r18. Very disappointed.

  • Hi, in LightKitPro V2 there is the “1 – Light Kit Pro INSTALL ME” folder and the “2 – Extras” folder. However, in the installation video there is no information given on what to do with the “2 – Extras” folder. How is that to be installed?

  • c4d Asset Error

    Window3.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillahdrilightkitpro1.5.lib4d/tex)


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