Introducing Texture Kit Pro 3.0

June 21, 2013 - By 

Hundreds of Custom Materials for Cinema 4D And Cinema 4D Lite


Compatible With All Flavors Of Cinema 4D

We just relasead a new version of Texture Kit Pro that is compatible with ALL versions and flavors of Cinema 4D R12, R13, R14 and up including Prime, Visualize, Broadcast and Studio. The really big news? Texture Kit Pro is now compatible with Cinema 4D Lite
*Hair materials need Studio To Render

More Materials

Texture Kit Pro is a constantly growing set of materials. Over 50 New Textures were added in this version including Plasticine, Marshmallow, Clumpy Sand, Cloudy Ice Cube , and Infrared.

Fully Tile-able Textures

We have gone back and adjusted all of Texture Kit Pro’s relevant textures to be Fully Tile-able. Just apply and scale to fit your scene. We also have many procedural materials that require no tiling and will fit any size object.

HUGE Texture Gallery

We designed a giant texture gallery that shows off Texture Kit Pro’s materials in a searchable interface. Browse the gallery here and see what Texture Kit Pro includes.

Buy Texture Kit for Only $99

Purchase Texture Kit Pro today and download over five hundred textures ready to use in any of your Cinema 4D Projects and animations. We have worked hard to make this the most complete, compatible, and most updated collection of Cinema 4D Materials. I really appreciate you taking a look to see if it’s right for you.

Free Update For Current Users

If you currently own Texture Kit Pro or own a bundle that includes it, then you should get an email with a free download for the new version. If you don’t get the email in the next day or two, hit us up in support with the email you used to purchase your version of Texture Kit Pro and we will get you a new version right away.

  • Awesome. Just got the email and downloading the update now!

  • Sexy. I’m gonna update when I get home.

  • Starting to look a lot like MineCraft. =D

  • Feel free to post any ideas you’d like to see for future updates as well!

  • Great, downloading. Would really like to see more holographic, radiant glass, holography paper, hologram sticker on credit card, radiant metallic (gradient reflections) and things like this. Ive had a hard time figuring out how to do this.

  • Looking good, fellas. Thanks for the update and for all you do for the community.

  • Great work Chris.
    I’m using Texture Kit for a lot of projects and just yesterday I was thinking ‘I wish those textures were tile-able…’

  • Awesome and thanks for the update!

  • Hi,

    User of Everything But The City Bundle scince last week – I love it!
    And with this update and the Light Kit Pro update it’s even so much better!

    Excellent work guys, thanks!

  • Thanks gentlemen! You make C4D a lot more fun!

  • Super rad that you give a free update! Most people prolly wouldn’t do that.. Many thanks. Oh, and great work on the textures! Cheers from Colorado 🙂

  • Anybody know if we would be able to use these with Element 3d now that Cineware is out by chance?

  • Nick, I just purchased the Texture Pro 3 kit. I am running Studio 14 on a Win 7 PC. I have bumped into a strange behavior.

    1. I create a square, area light and floor.
    2. I access the “Choppers” texture from the kit.
    3. I assign the tag to the square. When I render the screen, the square becomes a sphere.

    I have screen captures but see no way to share them with you.

    Whats up with that?

    • I tried textures supplied with Studio and they dont change the square into a sphere when rendered.

      • After more testing it seems Choppers and Coil Tubes do it. Brick,cloth,copper and chrome dont. So its something unique to those 2 (or more) metal textures.

  • In the second training video for Texture Kit 3 its says that a list of transparency values is included in the download to help when creating transparent for different kind of objects. I dont seem to see that in the download I made yesterday.

  • Anastasios Polychronis June 23, 2013 at 4:58 am

    Great news, just downloaded and installed, really like the new textures, you guys make C4D so much fun with this Kit, I use it all the time! Since I am an Aviation/Military artist, I´d like to see materials like Exhaust Rust, Canopy glass (with the rainbow effect most modern jets have), HUD green glass, Aircraft Aluminium, Burned metal (blue/purple colored), Gun metal, Tank track rusty, Tire rubber muddy or even things like Heat blur or Afterburner.
    Keep up the wonderful work and thank you!!!

  • Una pregunta. alguien sabe si son compatibles con vray ?? o unicamente con el motor de render de C4D?

  • thanks very much

  • plz can u give me direct linke to download it bec the tera file ask premium acount thanks

  • Is the texture kit using the new reflectance of r16 and with using i mean GGX and so on and not the legacy Option? If not: are you planing to update it soon?

  • When can we get a tutorial showing us how you created that amazing header image with all the cubes individually textured!?

  • This stuff works with PC windows 10 platform?

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