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Today, Chris Lavelle sent us this music video he made and he mentioned that he used Transform for a few of the scenes. We gave it a look and he certainly did, with great effect in two great shots. He used Transform to make a room build on at three minutes in. Then, again to make an entire house fall down at minute four. We love seeing great work made with the help of our plugins. Thanks to Chris for sending this in and using Transform to great effect.


Watch The Music Video

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  • Who is the artist or singer? Great Voice.

  • What a fantastic piece of film!
    So many techniques involved
    I am in awe
    This is a brilliant video
    Thanks for sharing
    And showing another use for Transform

  • Beautiful song,Beautiful video
    I agree with wendy.

  • Hi Nick! hi guys thanks for the kind words.
    Carlos the artist is a new band called Denature. You can find them on itunes, the Ep is ‘Time’

    All the best as always

    • Great job on the video. It was a pleasure to watch. Was it all done on green screen? The bullet time warp with the soldier was epic. The water fx from action essentials threw me off a bit. But who am I to judge, I only hope to make something that nice one day.

      • Hi there,
        Yep it was all greenscreen. All characters were keyed. I only had 4-5 hours for the video shoot so i had to work with the footage i got. The project was completed over a period of 7 weeks working about 3 hours average per day in my little pit when i could.
        Just let your imagination fly and something will come of it.
        All the best

  • Thanks so much for sharing. Purchased two songs. Getting expensive visiting Greyscale ; )

  • Movie and the song fits beautiful in own way, good job

  • It’s refreshing to see artistry back into the making of a music video. Nice job!

  • great effect

  • Well now, that is a beauty right there.
    Great job! Awesome plugin Nick!

  • It would be great to have a behind the scenes 🙂

  • But it looks like Thrausi with AE.

    • Thrausi is sik, use that all the time. Transform effect was used on the final shot of the house from the outside.

      Did a building collapse type thing with Thrausi on this music video I made.
      And Nick’s speaker from the HDRI Kit

  • Freaking amazing dude. I’m just starting to get more comfortable in AE and C4D. This video is a work of art! The more I understand how powerful these tools are to transform the world we see around us, even if its just for 4 minutes at a time, the deeper respect I have for digital artists. Thank you Nick and the GSG team for providing fantastic content and empowering talented people to create work like this.

  • great job. inspiring work.

  • Awesome work! Thanx for sharing this. ich love the image with alle the watches hanging from the sealing. i´m mean…. i love the whole film… but this image moves me deep for some reason. best! michael

  • All your kind words are very much appreciated and make the hard work worth it.

    • However i must add it would a LOT harder without these great plugins. Not only do they save time which is imperative, they give (almost) real time feedback which allows creative decisions to form more organically.

  • Great video for a great song! Nice work Chris

  • I love this work, music and video join seamlessly. The feeling of 3D space is strong right from the beginning with the black & white image becoming colour. The band should go far too, love the song. Really nice work.

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