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Five Second Project “Sandcastle” Winners

July 31, 2013 - By 


Congratulations to ethikdesign for winning the the latest Five Second Project. Some of you may remember Yanis from his great five second project entry for the Nothing But Cubes theme in May of last year. The creativity, sound design and attention to detail here really makes this piece rock solid. Nice work!

Don’t forget to watch all the honorable mentions below. You can also see all the entries over at the Vimeo Channel. The next project will be announced soon!

Honorable Mentions


Identity Transmute: Behind The Scenes

July 18, 2013 - By 

Art Director David Brodeur made this wonderful spot called Identity Transmute. I asked him a few questions about his process and how he used Light Kit Pro and Texture Kit Pro to help make this beautiful branding piece.

What Renderer did you use for this? It looks beautiful.

All renders were made using Cinema 4D and the Physical Render engine.

Where Did You Go To School?

I am a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design. I majored in Graphic Design and always try to put design first. You mentioned it in a talk you had before and I always repeat it: ” Always start with the fundamentals, the things in design that don’t change, composition, color theory and typography.”

Where do you Work Today?

I am currently Art Director at Leviathan here in Chicago.

Why Did You Choose Greyscalegorilla Tools When Making This Piece? How Did They Help?

As a designer I do not enjoy being a super technical guy, I want to get into a program or tool and start creating. I try to use GSG products as much as possible in my workflow because of their ease of use, right out of the box quality, and because they are fully adjustable. A main reason I try to avoid plugins and presets is because you end up getting work that is all the same and recognizable to the tools you are using. GSG products allow me to alter and make changes to so many aspects of the tools and materials that by the end I feel I have something that is completely custom to my design.

Behind The Scenes Video

David made this great behind the scenes video to show some of this animation, texturing, and lighting process.

What Texture Kit Pro Textures did you use?

Texture kit pro was a base for a lot of my textures and once I had my base textures down I was able to adjust and manipulate them. An example using the bow-tie: I went through a lot of the fabric textures in your kit. I ended up selecting “Fabric Orange Red”. Because the way the textures are set up I was easily able to control the color I needed over the whole texture. After that I wanted to add more realism to the fabric. I started out using the “hair fuzz” material as my base. I adjusted the length, color and added frizz, bend and curl. I will attach a picture of my light set up but I used your overhead soft box in addition with a top light, back light and a bounce light. My render setting were the physical render set to adaptive medium with indirect illumination also the addition of AO. In AE all I needed to do was some adjustment curves and it was good to go.

I did steps like this for a lot of the materials I used from texture kit pro. All the control you have over the materials is the reason why I used them. I felt like after I was done with the textures I didn’t have a texture that looked like I used a kit but yet something that was original.

More Screen Grabs Of David’s Project


Digital Production Buzz Podcast

July 16, 2013 - By 

Listen To My Interview on Digital Production Buzz

I was interviewed on the Digital Production Buzz Podcast. During the interview, we talk about my tutorial philosophy, If designers are designers from birth, and how I can’t draw.

Show Notes

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Five Second Projects
Intro To Cinema 4D Series


Five Second Project “Harder Better Faster Stronger” Winners

July 2, 2013 - By 


Congratulations to AND motion for winning the the latest Five Second Project. The combination of impressive keyframing and careful typography made this one a natural choice.

Don’t forget to watch all the honorable mentions below. You can also see all the entries over at the Vimeo Channel. Another Project will be announced soon.

Honorable Mentions: