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July 16, 2013 - By 

Listen To My Interview on Digital Production Buzz

I was interviewed on the Digital Production Buzz Podcast. During the interview, we talk about my tutorial philosophy, If designers are designers from birth, and how I can’t draw.

Show Notes

Banana Camera Company
Brian Maffit: Total Training
Cineware FAQ
Tim Clapham
Five Second Projects
Intro To Cinema 4D Series

  • hey nick i have hard time using my studio version with adobe cc cineware it opening the lite version instead of the studio i did a fresh install

  • Hi,

    Sorry for posting this here but your website forms aren’t working.

    I’m trying to sign up for your newsletter and using Damian Grady in the name field and in the email field but I keep getting the message “We couldn’t sign you up because undefined Try again?”

    Can you help?



  • I love you Nick and you do great stuff, but man am I tired of the Creative Cloud plugs…

    It’s not just you either, I feel like it’s all over. I don’t think its true, but it comes off as Adobe’s just buying good feedback from top people everyone. Just my opinion, I know you are a great guy and do a lot for the community, but I did want to share that feedback with you.

    • I think their tools are great on their own merit. I know people have issues with the Cloud, but many of us don’t. People can like something without getting paid to say it.

      • Absolutely you can! I do it all the time for products/services I like.

        I think for me it was just that I know you don’t typically answer technical questions on your podcast, so to have the interview interrupted three different times to answer basic CC questions felt a little forced to me. Of course this was put on by someone else so I’m sure that was out of your control. But I just wanted to share my opinion. Definitely wasn’t trying to accuse you of anything.

        Keep up the good work!

  • Nick…it’s crazy how similar me and you are – I’ve never been able to draw either! To save my life! Yet, I’ve always designed. Crazy.

  • Hello,

    I too am having difficulty signing up for your newsletter and updates. When I put in my name and email, I get the error “We couldn’t sign you up because undefined Try again?”.

    I would love to join this community and I’m especially looking forward to the 5 sec contests. Please help.

    Thank you.

  • More podcasts please?

  • Same here;

    We couldn’t sign you up because undefined Try again?

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