Five Second Project “Harder Better Faster Stronger” Winners

July 2, 2013 - By 


Congratulations to AND motion for winning the the latest Five Second Project. The combination of impressive keyframing and careful typography made this one a natural choice.

Don’t forget to watch all the honorable mentions below. You can also see all the entries over at the Vimeo Channel. Another Project will be announced soon.

Honorable Mentions:

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  • Sorry, but there are some prize?

  • Thanks for the honorable mention GSG! Had a lot of fun with this one! And Congrats to AND Motion!

  • Great picks!

  • wooooo honorable mention! The winning entry is fantastic.

  • Jose Maria Andreu July 2, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Thanks for everybody!! And thanks to Nick Cambell for the oportunity! Be the winner it’s amazing!!

  • I agreed with this one – great job by AND motion!

  • Michael Langlois July 2, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    Absolutely loved the buttery smooth typography from AND motion. Some truly awesome renditions of the subject in the honorably mentions!

    Thanks for keeping these going!

  • It seems the entries get better and better with each 5 second project. I can’t really say the winner is that much better than the honorable mentions. All of these are great. And done by hobbyists/amateurs/fans/?…
    It is truly exciting.

  • Really cool animations. Great work to all of you. Next time, I hope to be aple to compete 🙂

  • Nice playground for inspiration!

  • loved the first place, looked to me something fresh! 🙂

  • thumbs up!

  • these are RAD!!!!

  • congratulations to the winner and the other.
    The subject was harder (metallic voice 🙂 ) than previous ones because with less possibilities (difficult to use another sound, and to find something that works with the 4 words)

  • Request tutorial:
    create fire in cinema 4d (TurbulenceFD plugin)
    please -please- please
    thank you.

  • Awesome Videos (y)

    since this 5SP, I suddenly fell in love with Daft Punk!

  • Excellent pick! I probably added to the play count 50 times the first time I saw it posted. Stellar work everyone!

  • Hi Guys,! i am willing to participate in your 5 seconds project.But i am having hard time to find the announcement for the month.can you pls tell me where do you usually announce the theme for the project? Is there a way i can sign up and get email for the announcements?

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