Five Second Project “Sandcastle” Winners

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Congratulations to ethikdesign for winning the the latest Five Second Project. Some of you may remember Yanis from his great five second project entry for the Nothing But Cubes theme in May of last year. The creativity, sound design and attention to detail here really makes this piece rock solid. Nice work!

Don’t forget to watch all the honorable mentions below. You can also see all the entries over at the Vimeo Channel. The next project will be announced soon!

Honorable Mentions

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  • Congrats Yanis!

    This was a good competition, so many awesome entries!

  • King one was great.

  • Would be nice if GSG would answer emails. 1 month and no reply concerning GSG product. Not what I would call service….

    • Sorry about not getting back. Be sure so submit any customer support questions through our support page an I will get right on it.

      • I did that already a few days ago because the other mails were not answered! The rest of my e-mails were adressed to gsg mail. Perhaps a spam folder on your side?

  • Great work everyone, I especially love the Game of Sands one – very clever

    • Well..i don´t think it´s that clever, just because he simply copied the style of GOT and put a sandtexture on it. No doubt, it´s well done, but an ordinary sandcastle + the style of the GOT-Intro would be much better.

    • Yeah, Game of Sand was the best. You could barely tell what was going on in the winning video.

  • Congrats to the winner and all honorable mentions!
    Great winner! I loved that one too, great timing, colors and lighting. It’s a piece to learn from.

  • Wow! These are so good – equally inspiring and depressing when you realise how far away from this standard you are!

  • Congratz to winner and honorable mentions, really great videos!

  • thanks for the 5 second projects, i can’t wait for the next one. have only been doing c4d for 6 months so i could not quite get my 5 second sandcastle in shape, but i will keep trying.

    in the meantime, thanks for all you do, nick and chris and the rest of your team. i love the intro to cinema 4d tutorials and the training you provide for all your products.

    thanks again, and i love wearing my GSG t shirt. maybe we can send you images of ourselves in the t-shirt!

    take care


    Why is this vid not even mentioned… -.- And no I’m not the creator.

  • Hey guys… sorry, but I’m looking for a inspiration motion graphics tv spots, can you link me some pages please? I will appreciate it.

  • No offense to the winner, but I think some of the honorable mentions were better. Also some of the entries seen on Vimeo should have been mentioned. I didn’t enter so I’m not being salty, but how do you choose these winners?

  • Hi, Nick,

    it would be very interesting to me to know the production time of the 5 second projects.
    Maybe you could ask the participants to publish this info.

  • I would love to see the winners post short tutorials on how they did their project.

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