Cards Against Humanity – The Bigger Blacker Box Promo Animation

August 30, 2013 - By 

When our friends from Cards Against Humanity (our favorite inappropriate card game) asked us to help make some 3D product shots of their new Bigger Blacker Box, we had to say HECK YES! They needed help making ridiculous epic, over-the-top animations for what is essentially an empty box. They also needed a giant rotating box for their main page.

Chris Schmidt started by modelling the box including every little detail so we could really get in close on some shots. Then, I lit, animated and composited the shots for delivery to the CAH team who then edited, added the voice over and music to get the final render ready. We will be posting a full breakdown of this project including some behind the scenes and a tutorial on how we did some of these shots soon.

Visit Bigger Blacker Box

  • Now that is pretty slick, great work!

  • brilliant. great VO (looks nice to)

  • awesome woow! how can you add 3D object rotating on a website!? I really wanna know that>

  • Please make a tutorial it has something from the mac pro spot but i mean the final composing in after effects cinema is easy
    Greetings from Germany

  • This is the epitome of designs. Well done.

  • Looks Awesome, very exciting to look at~

  • Been on nicks site for years now and never posted a comment but i love this, great job i am also looking forward to the break down. keep up the good work Nick and Chris.

  • haha. love the ad.
    I can just think the breaf.
    -Ok guys. we have this great big black empty box…
    -Cool, right…
    -what is it for?

  • hi nick. When you tell us the winners of five second proyect ( homework)? Thank you so much. i love your job! you are a crack!

  • This is bloody Hilarious!!! Well Done GSG Team!!!
    You should give the cards to the 5s project winner 😉

  • What a milestone in design! Can´t wait to see a 1 hour tutorial from Chris about the modeling. He surely used all the new features from R15, right? You are my heros!

  • Hey, Awesome work here.
    Just Curious about how you guys did the sound: bought it, made it, got if free ?.
    Great One.

  • Is it “Bigger Blacker Box”, or “Bigger, Blacker Box”? 😉

  • Hah, such an epic promo for a … box! Shows that you can be creative even on the smallest things.

    PS, typo in the 2nd paragraph – “modelling”.

    Great job!

  • nice one…normalizer?

  • so are we still going to get a breakdown on this. Really interested in the texturing!

  • Is the tutorial still on the schedule? Would be very helpful, especially for lighting purposes of dark objects.

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