Jon Corriveau Montage Intro – Breakdown Video

August 6, 2013 - By 

Jon Corriveau posted this great behind the scenes video of his title card animation he made for his latest montage reel. I love seeing breakdowns of effects like this from real artists. Thanks for the video, Jon.

Breakdown Video

  • That’s incredible. Awesome work. Congrats.

  • hey great tutorial, I have done much , thanks for teaching, my respect..

  • What a great use of the Jiggle deformer. Bravo.

  • Nice!! thanks for post!! 😉

  • I’ve spent about 3 hours trying to figure out how to wrap a helix around a spline like that without any luck…

  • Nick i know you can do it in 5 seconds go over how he did the geometric outlined shapes 12-15 secs into it. Super dope and trippy, its drippy.

  • Beautiful Work. I love how he corrected the font size in his text doc notes during the taping. Genius. 🙂

  • I found the tutorial quite difficult to follow. Seems to jump around a lot with no real clarity or direction. Nicks and Chris’s tutorials are much easier to follow. Sorry :/

    • I agree. I’m sorry and I appreciate very much Jon effort and anyone doing tutorial, really, but if the target is to show how you did something you should show how you did it, not just saying i put this and that.

  • I Have a question can you or anyone else explain how the hell you make on 0:47 this logo get out of the floor.

    Hopefull you can explain that i want this technique since a long time

  • Great first tutorial & awesome results 🙂 !!

  • ExcuseMe !! … I’m a little new on the cinema … may anybody tell me how to find that “FullOptions” material editor ? … I couldn’t find it :'(

  • Hey guys, did any of you manage to make the instance object inherit the jiggle deformation correctly from the master spline? Seems so simple but I just can’t get it to work. Appreciate any advice ( or working project file ). Thanx a lot!

  • Someone answer me this
    How to wrap a helix around a spline?

  • never mind i figured it out, I was using mo instance instead of spline wrap! doh.

  • ohh this video made me depressive, i don’t understand the most part of what he ‘s doing and i would like so much to be able to do stuffs like this… : ( that’s really nice.

    …but i’m a C4D beginner and furthermore, i speak bad english…i understood only the french word “voilà” … sad. So if someone has good links to tutorials i should see to understand that, i would really really appreciate it.

    Thanks to this artist, thanks to you guys in advance. One day i will rise !! i hope..

  • Can somebody explain how he animated the displacer deformer on the spline?
    And why the jiggle affects only my helix, but not the sweep nurds withe the spline instance?

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