Five Second Project “Homework” Winners

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Congratulations to Space Pumpkin for winning the Five Second Project for August. The whimsical artwork and timing really stood out for us in this entry.

Be sure to check out some of the other great entries below. The next Five Second Project will be announced soon.

Honorable Mentions

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  • All of them are just great and well detailed, it must be very hard for you to choose the winner…

  • good day. Mr. Selcuk my name is nick. kullan?c?sy?m cinema 4d. I would visit your page every workday. I have questions about the project, made ??to last. Post homework. I did an animation. how it evaluated. I wonder. Please let me know. thank you. my homework project

  • They are great but, almost all made in 2d.

  • I like the winner’s piece though I find the end part a bit difficult to catch. Had to watch it 3 times before getting that transition…, maybe if the window had had a different shape with some transparency and the final character had been a little more “readable”, it would’ve been easier to visualize. But hey, great job!

    • yes, totally agree with you.

    • Nice works! But yeah, I agree with giangianni.

    • ha ha yeah your right giangianni, next time ^^

    • I think that one of the most important aspects about the 5 sec prj – which is sometimes not taken into account – is it’s duration. The most tough task about the 5 sec prj is making something cool without the feeling that it had to be squeezed to match 5 secs. There are pieces that won some of the past contests that not only had great animation and story telling but matched the timing perfectly, sometimes even featuring very cool closures ( e.g: the “made of paper” contest winner). If time is short and you need to tell a story it needs to be done as clearly as possible.

  • I loved all of these, my favorites being the two procrastination ones and the winner. Really good humor in all of them, yet they were all super simple, another great attribute.

  • Congratulations Space Pumpkins for your work!

  • Liked Charles Cornichet project the best. a little difficult to catch the winners project at first glance. all pretty decent though.

  • I really enjoyed the entry by Charles Cornichet. Nice modeling, textures, and animation. I’d like to see more from him.

  • Hi guys, another great contest!

    I was wondering how you guys get all those ” paper ” like animations? Is there a tutorial I can follow to get a 2D animation?


  • Please I need help on How do i achieve this kinda mirror effect or multiple mirroring effect Used in Music Videos like Jay Z and Kanye West – Niggaz In Paris, I Use After Effects Cs6 See Video Link any help will be appreciated


  • Homework?! You’re not working on your home!!

  • Are the five second projects going to continue?

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