How To Start A User Group In Your Town

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I’ve talked a lot about the importance of local user meet-ups, so I decided to invite the founders from two of the largest Chicago animation user groups to talk about how they got started, how they run the event, and if they have any advice to someone that is trying to start a user group in their town.

First we talk to Chris and Jack who started Chicago C4D. Then we talk to Brad from Chicago Motion Artist Group.

It’s easy to argue that Local user groups and meet-ups are the best way to meet other people who are into what you are doing. It’s a great place to find work and friends in the industry. So many artists are stuck at the “I am pretty good at what I do” stage, but fail to get out and meet the people that will start and eventually make their career.

Some Take-aways from the interview

  • If your home town doesn’t have a user group, start one! It’s easier than you think.
  • Get like minded people in a room. It can be that simple.
  • Use existing social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to organize an event.
  • If your town DOES have a meet-up, go!
  • Hanging around other people that do what you do is a great way to start to get a job doing what you like doing.
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  • Thanks a lot Nick and thanks GSG !

  • Nice video!
    and you need a audio recording tutorial ;D
    btw, what lens are you using?

  • would you joing us at our local user group , Riviera Maya AUG located in Cancun, how can I reach you Nick, would love to have you as our speaker

  • Anyone in the Scottsdale/Tempe/Gilbert/Mesa, Arizona area interested in exploring the possibility of getting a User Group started?

  • If anyone from Warsaw, Poland would be interested – i truly doubt it, but hey 🙂 – we can try to organize some meetings 😀

  • Hey thanks for this!
    I am co-founder of the C4D MN user group (MN peeps find us on Facebook!).
    We started very informally, like was described in this video, getting together and talking shop and imbibing barley pop.

    Nick, maybe it’d be good if there was some way for people to post their group and how to get in touch with them in their city? Kind of like a umbrella group for all the groups, does one exist?

  • I have the same shirt as nick.

  • Hi, anyone near Milwaukee that is interaested in a motion graphics group,
    Check out our group “Mograph Milwaukee.”
    We can be found at:

    Hope to see you at our October meetup.
    Thanks, Dan

  • Leaving the camera audio channel on made a creepy mutant effect 🙂 thanks for the vid tough.

  • this is great guys! a lot of good advice.

    this is something i’ve been trying to get going in Vancouver for a few years now.


  • Thanks a lot Nick…Totally inspired!!

  • Anything like this in Dallas?

  • I have those ikea bookshelves in the background.

  • Hey Nick, regarding this tutorial, I keep running into problems when it comes to talking to people.

  • Awesome advices, they just inspired so much! we’re really thankful from Colombia 🙂 GSG rocks!

  • Any Toronto folks?

  • Michail Kuzmenkov October 8, 2013 at 6:57 am

    Hi, Nick! I am from Russia, from the Far East and I will call it “Letter from Russia”. I just want to thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I am so happy I found you and I have this great opportunity to learn C4D and After Effects and create really cool stuff. I love the way you do it. It is awesome! Every tutorial is so unique and interesting. And the post about How to create a user group in your town admired me and I will do my best to create my own user group here, in my town, Chabarovsk. Nick, you are the best! You give me so much and I am waiting for new tutorials and news and so on. Thank you very, very, very much!

  • Thanks for the bits of wisdom guys! I’m hoping to start at Southeast Michigan Motion meetup at some point, so all of this info helps.

  • Hello!What is the? camera & lens model?

  • Anybody’s always welcome at Motion Graphics and Animation London

  • Hi guy’s! this user group post is just what I’m looking for! I’m starting an animation group here in southwest Baltimore Maryland USA this spring. So I’ll be in touch with some of you soon. Thanks for being there!

  • Love you Nick! You are making us easy with GSG.!!!
    Bless you Man!!!!!

  • great video! Im gonna try to I’ll start to work on creating a user group in my town

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