Five Second Project “Olympic Gold” Winners

February 27, 2014 - By 


Congratulations to gasta for winning the Five Second Project for February. This entry has a great low-poly environment and models, detailed sound design, clean 3D animation, and it adheres to the theme. All of those elements really brought this piece full-circle.

There were a ton of great entries this month, so we also hand-picked a great group of honorable mentions below. Look for the next Five Second Project starting next week.

Honorable Mentions

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  • Congratulations to the winner and honorable mentions. Those are some awesome submissions 😀

  • Well, guys, I’m really really HAPPY!
    The entries for this contest were absolutely GREAT!

    Thanks Nick for your time and passion. If you’ll ever be in London, I owe you some beers. 🙂


  • thanks nick ,

    great gasta 🙂

  • maurizio e susanna February 27, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    Congratulations to the winner, from Italy.
    Maurizio e Susanna.

  • Euh… That is crazy. I had the exact same idea of a guy doing the ski jump and landing on the podium. Holy crap… I thought i shouldnt do it cause it was lame lol. Passing through the ring that changes is a nice funny touch haha 😀

  • Nice works. There’s just one thing about the winner’s submission I feel is a mistake and that is an axis of action issue in the editing.
    In the first two shot the bear heads towards the left of the screen and in the third shot he’s flying towards the right and then lands in the fourth shot looking towards the left again. Don’t mean to be picky but that’s bad editing, especially considering that the whole clip is made of just four shots. Otherwise, really cool clip.

    • Good point.
      I put the camera on the opposite side to better catch the closing ring and the jump. I tried different approaches but they didn’t work really.
      Thanks for the feedback, this is something I’ll keep in mind for the next GSG 5Sproject!

      • Yeah, despite me not being a rule fan when it comes to expressing oneself, I feel that in this case (considering the action speed and time limitations) the 180° line rule should be applied since it does get a bit confused when that 3rd cut occurs. The general story is clear, but only after watching it 3 times I could really have a perfect picture of what is going on. I love your piece and I think it deserves being awarded, but yet I also think that one of the 5 sec prj’s main difficulties – and therefore interesting aspects – is that of creating something perfectly understandable at first sight. I feel Nick and co. are a bit neglecting this aspect.
        That being said…, keep up the good work!

  • I don’t want to nitpick because I think they’re all great, but shouldn’t there be some requirement that the entries be made with C4D? A lot of these seem to be made in other motion graphics programs. If I’m wrong then flame away.

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