NEW: HDRI Studio Pack V1.9

February 18, 2014 - By 

Perfect lighting and reflections in seconds. That’s what HDRI Studio Pack is all about. We just launched the latest version of HDRI Studio Pack today. It includes new still and animation presets specifically designed for Version R15 of Cinema 4D.

HDRI Studio Pack presets give you ready-to-render scenes that are perfectly optimized for speed and performance with Global Illumination. Watch the “What’s New” video below or visit the HDRI Studio Pack Page to learn more about HDRI Studio Pack and what’s new in this latest version.

What’s New In Version 1.9

Some Example Renders and Animations from HDRI Studio Pack


This is a free update. Current HDRI Studio Pack owners will get an email with a link to the new version.

Learn More About HDRI Studio Pack

  • Thanks Nick! Best wishes to you.


  • Hi Nick & the Guys.
    Great plugin, i use it all the time !
    just received the update 1.9, installed it right away to test my last scene build with the precedent version, but it did not upgrade with the new settings?

    Do i have to re-apply the plugin, and tweak the settings again ?

    Thanks for your help, have a nice day.

    • Old scenes will still have the old version included in the Object manager. Replace that with the new version to see the new settings. All new scenes will use the new settings. Hope that helps.

  • I purchased the previous version last year, haven’t received the email for the update. What shall I do?

  • Hey nick! you should do a “flicker free GI animation in R15” tutorial… I can’t figure out how to make a fast render with GI for animations since I upgraded to the new version… it’s like, the only thing that works is rendering with QMC. and is the slowest option!. (sorry for my english, is not my native language)

  • many thanks for the update nick. great..
    nice day

  • Should R13 users update to the new version, or are the updates only valid for newer versions?

  • Where can I find those sweet teapots??

  • Thanks Nick – always appreciate the updates.

  • Alexxander Luthor March 21, 2014 at 6:04 am

    Used this upgrade on an animation project, and got some great looking stuff.

    Proud of it – but not precious about it – so – say what you feel

  • Hi, great video.
    I would like to know what your computer everything has that he renders so fast
    Or what must a PC have that it is so fast?

    for me it takes minutes or hours

    Thank u

  • Does this plugin assist with projection mapping the floor plane so it blends in with the spherical environment? Currently I have to render out the camera with BG only and map that to the floor each time. Would be great if there was some trick to making the equirectangular image planar other than doing this the long way.

    In your video it only shows the floor being used by itself for reflections/shadows but not using the HDRI as the BG as well.

  • Hi,

    Just want to know that HDRI Studio Pack for Cinema 4D will work on Maya as well?

    • The tool itself is only supported for C4D and Physical (see our full list of supported versions in our product section). HOWEVER, the HDRI images found within the install of HDRI Collections COULD be used in any DCC app that supports image-based lighting. That being said, we do not support anything but C4D in regards to our HDRI tools at this time.

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