Pasquale D’Silva – Designing With Animation

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Computers are jerks and love to fill in the gaps linearly because they are lazy sacks of wires. A great animator/motion designer spends most of their days fighting computers to make sure they don’t mess this up.

In this presentation about designing with animation, Pasquale D’Silva goes through some great examples of how animation can be used to help design software interfaces. It’s a great talk about how animation can help make software easier to use. He also wrote this article that includes some great visual examples of these animation concepts in action. The best part… These concepts are great for ALL motion design. Not just software.


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  • Thanks for sharing Nick.

  • Meant to add this — I wish you’d do more AE tutorials like the old days. 🙂

  • Glad to see these ideas spreading. Bill Buxton, known for his work at PARC and multi-touch display, talked about similar principles at a lecture at Princeton in 2009. He talked about designing not just beginning and end state of a software interaction but also the traveling state in between. He used the example of how he goes to and from work. In SF BART allows you to take your bike on the train. So he takes the train to work in the morning because he has a need for speed. Then he rides his bike home because he has a need to unwind, get exercise, relax and daydream about new ideas. Software interaction pacing and focus needs to take larger ideas and actions into account.

  • Anyone knows how to do the animation in cinema 4d of iphone 5s gold advertisement?

  • Guido | MotionSnacks February 15, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Thanks Nick, for sharing this valuable presentation!

  • Great talk Pasquale!!! Please make more!

  • Thanks for sharing this talk. Actually I am struggling to get my animations to the next level.

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