Movecraft Open Source Demo Reel And Walkthrough

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Motion artist and teacher, Colin Evoy Sebestyen has done something I have never seen before. He has posted his entire demo reel (shown above) as an open source project for anyone to download, play with, and learn from. Everything you see in his reel and in this post is available in a huge download of scene files, vector objects, and videos. So cool! I have learned a ton by opening up others’ scene files, and Colin gives us a ton of great ones to play with.

Colin also sent Greyscalegorilla this exclusive video (posted below) of him going through some of the project files to show you how they were put together and some of the thought that went behind making them. Thanks so much to Colin for putting this out for the community. Colin mentioned that you can thank him by following him on twitter, or liking his Facebook page.

Colin’s Video Walkthrough

Animated GIF Examples



Just as a painting you may own does you no good sitting in your basement unseen, your source files don’t do much backed up on a hard drive. – Colin





Visit Movecraft and Download The Project Files

  • Thanks Nick for this article πŸ™‚ just notice that this post don’t show up correctly on Google Chrome maybe a little bug πŸ˜‰

    Have a nice day

  • What a generous and thoughtful contribution to Motion Design. Can’t wait to pour through these.

  • This guy is Amazing

  • I haven’t managed to download anything, hows this rapidshare thing working? I click on “download selection” and nothing happens. Cookies are disabled.

  • Bummer! due to the large files sizes the Rapidshare download for the project files requires a paid subscription???

    • The RapidShare links have maxed out. Please check out the new links – Box, BitTorrent, and FileDrop, none of which should require a subscription. Sorry for the inconvenience- when my bandwidth resets at the end of the month I’ll switch the hosting back to a direct link.



  • I was fortunate enough to be one of Colin’s pupils. I was studying 3D animation, but he introduced me to the mograph world.
    I nearly literally learned everything I know about motion graphics from him.
    He’s always been very good about letting us rip apart his files.

    Because of him, I can pay rent. I started my own mograph studio because of him.

    I owe that man about 1000 beers. Or one very expensive one.

  • Great Article. THKS πŸ™‚

  • Great work, some absolutely delicious pieces in there, and so nice to give it all away.
    Good luck with the bandwidth!
    Cheers Colin.

  • Amazing! great work and even greater that colin share with everyone his source files.
    We should all contribute the same way.
    Thanks nick for sharing

  • I find some of the daily renders to be the most interesting. Would love to know more about what Colin’s done in Photoshop/AE. Especially no 02 and 09, they’re just stunning!

    • Not much PS… A little comping of the dust in painting on 02. Magic Bullet Looks is to daily renders as butter is to French cooking: Slather it all over everything.

  • Thank you Colin, and Nick. Seeing work such as yours, humbles me. Ive learned so much from GSG and the MoGraph community. Always willing to educate and share.. And now your amazing site. I had fun with the one a day renders, the trick is to never undo. lasted about 2 months. Now I try at least two a week.. Beeple is a Mad Man.

  • I wish the project files were CS6 compatible.

    • Hey Marc,

      Yes, I went CC quite awhile ago. If you’d like anything in particular saved out as CS6, just let me know.

      • Is it possible for you to save out that demo reel AE file for CS6, I’m sure there are many of us who are still using CS6 and just can’t wait to pick the project apart πŸ™‚ Whether you decide to or not thanks anyways, we need more people like you!

        • Hey there, if you would like a CS6 version, just email me. Many of the After Effects source files are already cs6- Crescent Moon, Shapes to Music, and 3 Loves are AE only projects and are all cs6.



  • Thank you Colin.
    That is very kind of you to provide such a good learning resource.
    I look forward to perusing through them soon.
    All the best mate.

  • Wow, thanks for the source Colin, will look forward to checking out your files πŸ˜‰

    Nick, as for people providing source files, check out Beeple (who you interviewed) and Yimbo.


  • Colin is the best! He was my teacher too. I’m so happy to see his work on GSG. Awesome work Colin!

  • Pepijn Schroeijers March 31, 2014 at 7:20 am

    Wow Colin, that’s an amazing gift to the Mograph community!
    I’m getting the files now, can’t wait to see how you’ve set-up your work.
    Your reel is fun and energetic! Thank you for sharing this!
    It must have been a lot of work to put this together. Respect.

  • Holy Learning Experience, Gorilla Man!

  • The page keeps loading and loading but nothing appears. Only the pink circle running.
    Can anyone give me the link to the files please πŸ™‚ can’t reach them! Thanks in advance !!

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