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I was talking with the Super-Great-And-Talented™ Casey Hupke at NAB this year and he mentioned in his enthusiastic way that he had an idea for a video series on Greyscalegorilla. This guy Casey is so talented and a great teacher so of course I was all “Heck Yes!!”. He calls it “Casey Explains It All” and here is the idea he came up with.

Post your Cinema 4D questions in the comments below. Then, Casey will pick his favorite one and make a quick, helpful video about the topic. It’s that simple. So, can you help us get this going? Check out his reel below to get and idea of the type of crazy cool stuff Casey makes. I’m so excited to have such a talented, helpful guy want to give back to the community. Stay tuned for the result.

Casey’s Reel

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  • Hey, background concept to give depth to our composition !

  • Hi – just taken the crash course with you guys as I’m a C4D Newb, my learning curve has shot up and I’m now doing work I thought I could never do without out-sourcing, so a massive thanks + your plugins are a tremendous boost to the quality of final renders.

    I’m posting this link: as I thought you guys might be able to help figure out how this was done! Love the effect and have tried to contact the guy behind it. Hope you can help and thanks for all your great work, I’ve been recommending your site to whoever will listen!

    Thanks from the UK!

  • I would like to know some of the techniques that were used in this Nike project fron ManvsMachine

  • could you please explain how the “7” is animated in this animation?

  • Hi Casey & Nick,

    I’m looking for a way to change/morph a material based on deformation. For example a frog blowing up his throat pouch. Or when something bends. How do I generate vertex maps automatically based on the tension / deformation of a mesh? I don’t want to animate alpha ramps to blend materials, I really want the blending to follow the deformation via the vertex maps…
    Thanks & great work guys!

    p.s. Who can’t wait for Signal?!

  • Going through the techniques and workflow of the stuff in your reel would be cool. I really liked black globe one at around 30 seconds and the Buick commercial.

    Seeing how the Buick commercial was done from start to finish (not just the effect, but the entire workflow) would be nice… i would be willing to pay to see something like that.

  • Just thought of another potential good tutorial involving X-particles. One problem I seem to run into is banding happening with modifiers. Showing us how to troubleshoot this issue would be great!

    Thanks again!

  • Please could you show us how to cut a jelly or cake by using a 3d modelled knife, also cooking a sausage on a grill. Thank you for your generosity.

  • Show a way to smoothly or beautifully merge one object (set of objects) into another object. Please!

  • Hey!!
    I saw these things on behance cause a friend of mine made the audio for them,
    there are some nice parts in those 3 clips, like very realistic mineral render, some gold dripping glu and some other fun stuff that I wondered how was that made.. any tips?


  • i think one of the key elements on any 3d project are shaders it would be awesoeme to know more about them how to get diferent looks and more advance shaders.

  • Tural M Memmedzadeh April 30, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    i have question , its about projection mapping with image sequences in cinema 4d , actually everything can done that with easy way with 123dcatch or maya and nuke , but we arehave dont know skills with 3d projection mapping 8-9 camera hel[p please

  • I’m not sure if it’s already been suggested but I would love to know more about professional studios’ file management systems and naming conventions.
    I know every studio does it differently but would love to know what you prefer, Casey!

  • I would personally love to know about UV mapping and a beginner’s guide to understand Body Paint.

  • I´d like to ask you what is the best way to make a cool good looking liquid, and if you could do a tutorial about that would be awesome!
    Really apreciate your job =D
    Greetings from Spain

  • HI!

    I would like to know how to use displacement and noise texture like that
    but on a text.

    Because when i put it on a sphere,cube, or some like that it’s okey, but in text seems like it’s not a solid body, like if the “faces” of the text are like paper break,with spaces without texture,not solid… in resume, a mess…
    (sorry my english)

    Best wishes from Spain!

  • HI!

    How can I apply displacement noise /bump texture but on a text

    In sphere, cube or something like that it’s okey, but on a text give me problems.

    And another question
    How can i get for example a stripes effect on a text with displacement texture like if the stripes are life-preservers of the text (rounded)
    (something like that but no, i want it with the stripes with volume, with displacement )

    Thanks!! sorry my english
    Wishes from spain!

  • Casey rocks! can’t wait for this!

  • Hi!
    I would know how to do a text with “shoelace” style

  • I want to know if there is any easy or fast way to from a model created with polygons in cinema, such as a cube, a pyramid or some abstract form. take each polygons that compone the model and put into a plane where all the poligons are aligned for print and so build the model with paper or paperboard.

  • i would really like to know how you did that car particles thing…a simple breakdown atleast…a detailed tutorial will be awesome but please just a glimpse into the project will make my day..hope you read this.

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