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I was talking with the Super-Great-And-Talented™ Casey Hupke at NAB this year and he mentioned in his enthusiastic way that he had an idea for a video series on Greyscalegorilla. This guy Casey is so talented and a great teacher so of course I was all “Heck Yes!!”. He calls it “Casey Explains It All” and here is the idea he came up with.

Post your Cinema 4D questions in the comments below. Then, Casey will pick his favorite one and make a quick, helpful video about the topic. It’s that simple. So, can you help us get this going? Check out his reel below to get and idea of the type of crazy cool stuff Casey makes. I’m so excited to have such a talented, helpful guy want to give back to the community. Stay tuned for the result.

Casey’s Reel

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  • Really nice idea. Looking forward for some great tips.

  • I would love one showing how he made all those energy shots of the wind generator, solar array, and exxon pipe! Very nice subtle effects!

  • Would love to know more about what looks like his speciality , Workflow with particles and 3D Tracking and why not projection man & camera mapping ?!?

  • Wooo WOOOO, it should be noted that we’re going to try and answer a few questions and give detailed explanations for each in the theme the 90s sitcom Clarissa Explains it all. So let the questions fly!


  • I’ve asked Nick about this before; I’d like to see something about using the correct scale in C4D and how it has an effect on physics and rendering.


    • Dude, yes. A thousand times, yes.

      • While not as exciting, I couldn’t agree more with this, it’s imperative to understand these things and how to work with them in the smaller or larger scales. That goes for physics AND lights.

  • Please some “Particles” and “Water Stuff” like in the Reel 😛


  • Daniel Al Shriky April 18, 2014 at 11:21 am

    Thanks alot for this opportunity.
    I want ask about Muscle and Joint when those apply in motion graphic. instead of on characters design.

  • Nice! A walk through of that TP setup Casey has for the “Thanks” in the end of his showreel would be fantastic. Excited!

  • Would love to find out a better way of using f curves, in after effects they work very simply because you can distinguish each parameter but in C4D I cannot find a way to isolate individual parameters, nor do they seem to work accurately like they do in after effects, if there are any good workflows that go with fcurves in cinema 4D out there I’d love to know about them!

    • Don’t know if this answers your question, but i had trouble with f curves too at the beginning, now i like them very much.
      Standard setting always shows all curves. Under “f curves” tab in the f curves window, you can disable show all curves.

  • Extoll the virtues of a Red-White deck.

  • I’d love to see a tutorial on creating logic in xpresso. There’s really no resources on it currently, and I think the community could do some really awesome things with it. Something like the video below but of course with a Casey twist.

  • I’ve always wanted to know how the flower bumper was made @35~ seconds into the video.

  • Yo Casey! Something I’ve been wanting to figure out with x-particles is how to create a pile of dust or sand. Challenge!

  • I was wondering how this was made:
    That horse shape at 0:26 and the other one at 0:32. Also how can you create those particles for a galaxy?

  • Omg!:) Bodypaint 3d + uvs and projection texture on face and body. Pls make character + clothes with new features (sculpting) and paint it based on photo(u know everybody do this inside zbrush (sculpting based on real photo texture masks) and i wonder is it possible to do sth like that inside cinema or not!+ hard surface modeling:) i do love u guys+++

  • Hey guys, this question is short but the explanation is long. I’d love to see some spline growth. In Star Trek into Darkness, there is a scene where they activate a seat harness or strap as the ship plummets toward earth. Would love to see how it’s done. Thanks

  • I’d love to see something on how to make a holographic interface that looks similar to stuff like this:

  • Hi Casey. It has been very difficult to find a good tutorial on using the walkthrough features of C4D Visualize. For artists who work like architects (such as myself), having good chops for creating moving walkthrough videos of their spaces, sculptures, sites, etc., would be a great asset. Thanks!

  • I’m and African American who loves films, sci-fi, etc. I’m tired of being unrepresented by the movie and television industry. I’d like to create my own series of films and tv shows. Future, time-travel, westerns, etc. I want to make sure the effects and environments are available to my budget so… How about everything there is to know about compositing, ae, mocha, cinema 4d environments and green screen workflows. So I can create the shows that will resonate with my people. We call this a society of diversity and it is but until we can control our own image all you’ll see is the criminal side of black people. I want to change that completely.

  • Matchmoving integration a simpler or faster ways to rig and animatr characters. Thanks.

  • I would like to understand how materials and UV mapping works when going from Sculpt to Bodypaint.

  • Cray cray!
    How about the Aerodynamic feature combined with TP/Krakatoa, or how to combine Dynamics, Mograph and/or TP in general?

  • Would love to know how to best create a “Nebular” look or a volumetric space feel?

  • Is something like this possible inside C4d ? The fluids, the shaders, the everything it’s just amazing. ¿which are the best tools?

  • Well … what about explaining the best way to approach an FX shot on C4D? Destruction, particles, etc?

    Now with TFD, Krakatoa and TP, it must be doable.

  • I’d love to see a tutorial on creating the interface animations from the Oblivion movie as seen in this process montage video by David Lewandowski. Particularly the equalizer type animations. Here is the the Vimeo link:

  • Rosalina Márina April 18, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    So…what I would like to see is some dust or smoke tutorials or how can you make them in C4D.For example something like this where the smoke goes up in the text and it looks really awesome
    Thanks! 🙂

  • Jeremy Solterbeck April 18, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    Thanks Casey! I need to find the fastest possible way to create pipe that has straight pieces, 45º elbows, 90º elbows, and Ts. I know I can paint splines on a surface, I just haven’t found a quick way to add accurate elbows or generate elbows without a hundred steps and bezier fiddling.

  • I’d like to know how the water effects were created, and if they were all done within C4D or if he integrated any other applications.

  • I would like to know the procedure to produce a very intricate/detailed old fashion cut crystal vase or bowl. If interested I could send example.

  • I would love to know how to use particles and their respective parts properly. I’ve never had any worthwhile training in any of the Thinking Particles or Xpresso, so I’d love some help in that. Of course, I always need help with modelling interiors or some mograph magic…. 😀

  • In C4D, never found out how to avoid flickering and unwanted moves when using displacement on a texture, on a moving soft body.
    For example, imagine a growing soft tentacle with an organic displaced texture, jiggling and shaking. Each time, my textures cannot be really fixed, even with the “Fix texture” tag. A clear tutorial about that would be great !

  • Hi Casey,
    I would love to see how a few of those different digital orbs surrounding the baby in your reel were modeled, animated, rendered and composited into the final piece.

    I’m also interested in the way you integrate all of your 3D elements with live action footage in general; any tips you could give on working with footage, how much camera data you usually have to work with from the on-set VFX supervisor, and the things you do that you find the most critical in achieving a truly believable final look would be great. Physical believability is often the hardest part for me!


  • Hi Casey here is the challenge. 🙂

    How do we set up a stereo mic and 2 (or more) loudspeaker objects in c4d to achieve a 3D Binaural Audio with our renders?And possibly control the sound sources with Xpresso and add our own sounds directly where it would emit on a model.

    Hope you like this.

  • Hi Casey,

    I’m a High School animation teacher and have found the most difficult concepts for kids to understand are compositing, character rigging, mocha, and green screen workflow. Tutorials in anyone of these would be great. I have a tons of young minds just waiting to absorb what you can through at them : )


  • Casey, The best-kept secret on the Internet is how to render water and splashes photo-realistically. Can you bring us out of our darkness into your light? e.g.: Render splashes as particles or meshed? Parameters of the shaders, etc.

  • It would be nice to do something more with thinking particles 🙂

  • Particles. Do only particles. Teach particles, show particles, be particles. Yes to particles. More particles.

  • Hey Casey,

    I’ve been asking for this one for a while!

    Could you do a quick tutorial on how to create a poster in Cinema. How would one go about the camera views, the exporting etc, up to the final printed material?


  • Would love to see some texturing stuff, such as why my textures stretch when applied to an extruded model and what I can do to stop it happening…

  • I now there are those here that way up the skills ladder with C4D……. but for those of us who are not……. maybe mix in some beginner stuff also…….. proper ways to bake objects and textures for use in E3D and after effects or breaking objects then export to AE…….. and maybe some more on character or object animation please

  • I wouls love to know how to make a cube!

  • A couple of questions:

    1. What is the best way to get started with x-particles?

    2. What are some tips for setting up your files for compositing?

    3. What is your creative process from conception to post-production?

  • I would like to know how this video was created. This is simply awesome.

  • To pull from Casey’s reel, the Baby sequence in the IBM spot, specifically the energy(?) field around the baby and cell-like structures above him.

  • would love to see a breakdown of this job of yours:

    really cool stuff.

  • Excellent work Casey well done !
    On my side, i’d be very interested on how to make subtle animated irregular lines (like you have in showreel at 45s.), a bit like spiderweb. I guess there’s maybe something to do with animated noise but i’d like to know your precise technique.
    Thank you !

  • I’d love to know more about:

    The inky raven @1:00. (awesome btw)
    His workflow with particles
    The solar effects
    Those holographic-type effects
    Matchmoving workflow

    Looking forward to seeing your tutorials. Cheers!

  • Tutorials and individual techniques are nice but if it’s cool i would like to see somewhat of a workflow case study (for example: that includes everything from start to finish (planning, concepts, techniques, tutorials etc.).

    I really like your Buick, Behind The Beauty ad and wish for you to show us how that was done from concept to final result.

    thanks dude!

  • i would love some basic animating tips and workflows. not especially based on cinema.

  • particles with hair module (different techniques) : )
    like in your work

  • Check this out
    Could you do a tutorial on how to do something similar?

  • I think with all of the topic mentioned above is cool and awesome but, there’s a lot of it in the internet… I think what really lacks of an explaination is something about expresso… Coz you know, it’s something that literally nobody can understand just by studying it all alone. Something like expressi controlling animation, expresso controlling your model… Expresso doing model? Creating such custome slider that based from expresso? And other stuff that I don’t know… Hope that this could other people and the cinema 4d community. Thanks and more power!

  • Most of the requests have been asked.
    So I’ll say Camera movement: Making it look cool and pro.

  • any ad
    any TV breaks

  • nice work you have going there…… i would like to see a hair tutorial as it applies to character animation…. what this means is hair simulation on a rigged character…..

  • particles!
    please show every treatment for realistic particles..
    don’t give us a single fish in a tutorial.. teach us how to hunt fish.. teach us how to dominate particles in any case! 🙂

    ps. (also the transition effect between electronic devices to city lights would be cool)

  • Lex de Prieëlle April 19, 2014 at 2:56 am

    Hi there!

    Would love to see some GREAT solutions for (un)winding ropes and cables in machines and so. eg a subsea cable that is on a ship and travels via machines under the seabed. This can be done by animating a texture but not when all machines are moving… I know this might be a bit too specific but there are plenty more samples with ropes to think of…

    2nd folding paper planes 🙂

    3rd animation a logo that is sewed on a sleeve or so. Was there such a logo in the intro of the JAG series…?

    Cheers mate! Nice reel!!

  • Really really nice idea. Looking forward for some great tutorials abt x-particles…..

  • I would like to know a little about, how you setup and mostly control scenes likes yours here and something like this . And by controls, I mean create the realism and keep that strong professional look and “mood”

  • Great!
    What about…
    1 – Linear Workflow C4D Nuke or After Effects?
    2 – Separate render with REAL Alpha channel for still image and (above all) for animate sequences (with plugins updated to r14 and r 15…!)?
    3 – Camera projection to animate still image and compositing in After Effects by CINEWARE?
    4 – Interactitng C4D with LIVE ACTION: IBL, 3D camera tracking, 2D planar tracking…
    distructions, smokes, fires, explosions…


  • and some tips and tricks about the psychedelic color management, please!

    i love the rainbow like – lucid – vivid colors you used in the particles of IBM series… similar color approach is also seen in the opening title of ‘Nicki Minaj – Behind the scenes’ video, in your portfolio.

    Greyscalegorilla! You are the greatest king of this C4D jungle! Who said lion is the king!? Gorilla is our true king! 🙂

  • I’d like a discussion about adding the finishing touches to sequences – like the choices you make about colour grading, lens flares, static, grain, cuts, camera shake, particles etc. It might not all be C4D but it seems to the the key difference between an okay sequence and a great one. It’d be cool to take one of his animations apart and talk about the creative choices he’s made and how those effects were added.

  • Hi Mr Hupke,
    I.m very fond of your work. Here is my question : could you take any of your project and make a case study about the creative process. Different validation steps with your client ; duration of the whole project ; people involved …
    For Technical tips, your vine idea seems great.

  • There’s a great vfx scene towards the end of “The Sorcerers Apprentice” where a woman’s face turns into particles and is lifted off and sucked away by one of the magicians, a tutorial for this effect would be awesome.

  • Hey dude ^_^ Please can we make … this animation in C4D? OR just a simple galaxy 🙂

  • I would love to know about fregnent an object in cinema 4dusing thinking particles like rayfire simulation in 3d max

  • Terrain mask shader and realistic mountain texture

  • Hi Nick,
    I’m so glad Casey Hupke gave you this opportunity of spread his wisdom to us, with your blog.
    So yes, I have so many suggestions to give to him : of course, TP and Xparticules, the way he use Alembic for different kind of render and also he seems to manage well Sketch and Toon with particules, few tricks about post-production also will be welcome…
    Can’t wait for this series!
    Internet High Five, guys!

  • I would to see a breakdown tutorial of “1:22 -23 Car Tracer” on his showreel.

    Also, something that’s never really talked about in C4D is character development. I would love to see more character tutorials, overall.

  • Something that’s never really talked about in C4D is character development. I would love to see more character tutorials, overall.

  • I would like to know what the fuck this is and how it is made.

    MIN 00:48

  • Any tutorials on 3d projection mapping?

  • When you import a video clip as a bg, you cant scrub through it in the view port. So i would like to see how you comp an animated object into a video bg.
    Thank you

  • My wish is to see a really helpful video about how to texture. Just a bit glossy and shiny is only the beginning. Unwrap Objects, make great and realistic textures, that my interest.

  • Some particles animations tutorials
    some expresso tips to get us up and running
    yes at last some camera animations tips.
    Camera animation is so underrated…

  • can you explain how to do the scene in the avengers in new york with the team gathering and the camera is circling around them with iron man on greenscreen and hulk is a mocap i believe and the rest are actually there in real life. How did they blend so it well together?

  • I was watching this video ( ), and I wonder, if I build a model in cinema with cubes or squares. How I can randomly illuminate? How I can have better control of the lighting of the cubes?

  • It just gets better : )

  • That “either” in Thor, The Dark World

  • Would love to see a tutorial on projection mapping. I know there are already a ton out there (including one on this site), but generally they tend to cover pretty basic things like a simple 4 walled room, and I’d love to see something a little more advanced/complicated/fun like human faces, as seen here:

  • – at the end of this video, there is a nice build animation of a tire – how would he go about recreating something similar?

  • Hi
    “The Enders Game” Movies in Use X-Particals Plug In C4D Soft ?

  • please EXPRESSO 101…..for beginners like myself

  • I’d like to see something about the wind farm thing he did in his reel, that looked really cool. Also, I don’t know if he knows much about it himself yet, but maybe some krakatoa C4D tutorials?

  • Would love if He can do a tutorial on creating Burnouts with Race Cars. I love cars. 🙂

  • Dear Nick, dear Casey,
    I would like to know, how to created a chiseled bevel text (with no flat surface) in C4D.
    Best regards 🙂

  • I know it’s not sexy, but my request is for someone to explain in ENGLISH some of the terms engineers like to use for naming parameters. Trying to figure out what the different parameters influence in the dynamics tags are obtuse at best. What the heck is “rotational mass” and what exactly is a “flexon.” Many deformers and other effectors, etc. have this same engineering gibberish that just makes using the program less user friendly. Information is power.

  • It would be awesome! if, you could do a tutorial on real human disintegration.

  • love to delve into animating to sound suing sound keys

  • i wanna know how to ceat an effect like one clone object(fracture) that have a gradient color and can be animated and change what color i want, i am little bit confused about this technique,thanks!


  • Matching CG prosthetic panels to a live action face or neck.

    Ex: Live action of actor close up with face down. As they look up, their skin splits into paneling that folds back to reveal another face.

  • Hi Casey,

    Is it possible to make a tutorial on the basics for Krakatoa for c4d?

  • Interested in knowing how to scale multiple attributes not from there center but from there nearest neighbor.
    For instance, I have a plane cut up by thrusi. I use the plain effector to scale them from invisible to full size animating from the center, however, these grow from the polygon center. Any way to change their axis so they grow from their nearest neighbor.


  • Can you show us how to simply get into character rigging and weight mapping. It’s fairly easy to rig up a character with the character tool in c4d, but I find the weight painting really hard and time consuming. Any tips and tricks regarding this?

    Great idea by the way

  • I would love a simple tut on having Spline Wrap/Sweep/Extrude/Loft nurbs make some tight angles with getting all pinched and messed up. Or an alternative method (not using these generators). Am I the only one?

  • It seems you have a nice list of things to explain Casey !

  • Particles Particles particles please

  • At around 1:03 on your reel there’s an implosion in space that terminates in what looks like some particles following specific geometric paths, taking right angles etc . If you could expand upon the technique to get particles to trace designs like that I’d be grateful. Thanks for contributing!

  • Hey, background concept to give depth to our composition !

  • Hi – just taken the crash course with you guys as I’m a C4D Newb, my learning curve has shot up and I’m now doing work I thought I could never do without out-sourcing, so a massive thanks + your plugins are a tremendous boost to the quality of final renders.

    I’m posting this link: as I thought you guys might be able to help figure out how this was done! Love the effect and have tried to contact the guy behind it. Hope you can help and thanks for all your great work, I’ve been recommending your site to whoever will listen!

    Thanks from the UK!

  • I would like to know some of the techniques that were used in this Nike project fron ManvsMachine

  • could you please explain how the “7” is animated in this animation?

  • Hi Casey & Nick,

    I’m looking for a way to change/morph a material based on deformation. For example a frog blowing up his throat pouch. Or when something bends. How do I generate vertex maps automatically based on the tension / deformation of a mesh? I don’t want to animate alpha ramps to blend materials, I really want the blending to follow the deformation via the vertex maps…
    Thanks & great work guys!

    p.s. Who can’t wait for Signal?!

  • Going through the techniques and workflow of the stuff in your reel would be cool. I really liked black globe one at around 30 seconds and the Buick commercial.

    Seeing how the Buick commercial was done from start to finish (not just the effect, but the entire workflow) would be nice… i would be willing to pay to see something like that.

  • Just thought of another potential good tutorial involving X-particles. One problem I seem to run into is banding happening with modifiers. Showing us how to troubleshoot this issue would be great!

    Thanks again!

  • Please could you show us how to cut a jelly or cake by using a 3d modelled knife, also cooking a sausage on a grill. Thank you for your generosity.

  • Show a way to smoothly or beautifully merge one object (set of objects) into another object. Please!

  • Hey!!
    I saw these things on behance cause a friend of mine made the audio for them,
    there are some nice parts in those 3 clips, like very realistic mineral render, some gold dripping glu and some other fun stuff that I wondered how was that made.. any tips?


  • i think one of the key elements on any 3d project are shaders it would be awesoeme to know more about them how to get diferent looks and more advance shaders.

  • Tural M Memmedzadeh April 30, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    i have question , its about projection mapping with image sequences in cinema 4d , actually everything can done that with easy way with 123dcatch or maya and nuke , but we arehave dont know skills with 3d projection mapping 8-9 camera hel[p please

  • I’m not sure if it’s already been suggested but I would love to know more about professional studios’ file management systems and naming conventions.
    I know every studio does it differently but would love to know what you prefer, Casey!

  • I would personally love to know about UV mapping and a beginner’s guide to understand Body Paint.

  • I´d like to ask you what is the best way to make a cool good looking liquid, and if you could do a tutorial about that would be awesome!
    Really apreciate your job =D
    Greetings from Spain

  • HI!

    I would like to know how to use displacement and noise texture like that
    but on a text.

    Because when i put it on a sphere,cube, or some like that it’s okey, but in text seems like it’s not a solid body, like if the “faces” of the text are like paper break,with spaces without texture,not solid… in resume, a mess…
    (sorry my english)

    Best wishes from Spain!

  • HI!

    How can I apply displacement noise /bump texture but on a text

    In sphere, cube or something like that it’s okey, but on a text give me problems.

    And another question
    How can i get for example a stripes effect on a text with displacement texture like if the stripes are life-preservers of the text (rounded)
    (something like that but no, i want it with the stripes with volume, with displacement )

    Thanks!! sorry my english
    Wishes from spain!

  • Casey rocks! can’t wait for this!

  • Hi!
    I would know how to do a text with “shoelace” style

  • I want to know if there is any easy or fast way to from a model created with polygons in cinema, such as a cube, a pyramid or some abstract form. take each polygons that compone the model and put into a plane where all the poligons are aligned for print and so build the model with paper or paperboard.

  • i would really like to know how you did that car particles thing…a simple breakdown atleast…a detailed tutorial will be awesome but please just a glimpse into the project will make my day..hope you read this.

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