New Plug-Ins, Prizes, And Tons of Cinema 4D Presentations All This Week at C4DLive

April 7, 2014 - By 

You don’t need to be in Las Vegas to be a part of NAB. Watch all of the Cinema 4D presentations live from the Maxon booth all this week at This is the biggest year for the Maxon booth with twenty different presenters. Join us over the next four days of presentations and tutorials from leading Cinema 4D artists and designers. Check out the full schedule and watch live at


I’m so excited to be presenting Greyscalegorilla’s upcoming animation plugin, Signal on Monday Morning at 9:30AM PST and on Wednesday at 3:30PM PST. Watch Chris Schmidt close out the show on Thursday at 12:30 with another amazing set of Cinema 4D Quick Tips. Learn a bit more about Signal over at our new Signal sign up page.


Also, sign up for the ongoing raffle at to win prizes from Red Giant, Videocopilot, Lynda, Greyscalegorilla and more great sponsors. See you on the live-stream.

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  • Can’t wait for the presentation of Signal, looks awesome

  • Where I can see all the videos?, anybody are going to upload all the shows of all the days?

  • Yeah, where can I watch the streams from this morning? Livestream sucks ass at archiving.

  • Is there anyway you guys can do a gpu-centric rendering tutorial next? As great as Cinema 4d is, I honestly can’t see how to get high FPS speeds in rendering, when the best I can do is 2 sec per frame for animation, when I desperately need higher. Buying a more expensive computer is out of the question, and I wish I can utilize this Nvidia GPU on my computer, >_<. Please help!

  • that plugin looks great, can’t wait to see the full review!
    keep it up GSG! :DD

  • Looking forward to see the Signal plugin.

  • You guys have done it again! Can’t wait to see some videos but this is a must-have…shout out to Nick and Chris! #gorillachestthump

  • Cornelius Johnson April 9, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    any idea what you are going to charge for signal?

  • Hi, I’m new to C4D?and I have some questions about projection man,1.when I set up the background image for projection reference, it automatically been squeeze?like if I want to make a tilt shot, I imported 3000×1080 px psd file to the background,and the psd squeeze like 2000×1080, why? If I want to set the project render to 1920×1080, is that impossible to set the background to,3000×1080? How can I fixed the squeeze background??
    2. Every time I apply a projection to a object,it automatically generate a new projection cam, it’s pretty hard to organize,it’s there anyway to fix that??

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