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June 4, 2014 - By 

SuperText is a new plugin that we created to help make animating type and vector logos even easier. Use SuperText with MoText and Transform to create tons of different polygon, texture and subdividing effects. In this video, Chris will go over what exactly Supertext does and how it can help make text animation and texturing easier for your next animation.

Like all of our plugins, all of what you are about to see is procedural so you can change your text at any time. Chop up and subdivide your text without making anything editable.

What Exactly Does SuperText do?

  • Easily and Evenly Subdivide Your Text – For polygon or chunking effects with Transform.
  • Fix Cubic Projections – to make all your textures perfectly stick to your type with one click.
  • Bake Geometry While Keeping Your Text Parametric – to fix typefaces for rendering or sharing with clients.

Look for SuperText soon. It will be included in our upcoming release of Transform v1.2.

Watch The Preview

  • What a little gem of a plug-in!
    Certainly helps create a more random looks for the chunks with Transform.
    I wonder if the triangles/squares could have a random deformation added… i.e. a noise pattern that displaces the points for each polygon, so that the triangles are not perfect equilateral triangles, and the squares are not perfect squares… even some random sizes would be cool… Also perhaps a secondary subdivision that could be randomised, like a threshold, so not every subdivision gets subdivided again… Could actually do that with the triangles.. so not every square gets triangulated.. Just a thought anyway!

  • Very cool addition to Transform and a great utility tool overall. My big wish for Transform is that it incorporates MoDynamics in future versions. Imagine all those polygons and geometry banging around a scene…ah yes, chaos is good!

  • Ah, finally! Just made transform that much better:) I wish there was a bit more options for wich direction the animation went in/out.

  • Looks very cool. Whats the eta on 1.2 and supertext?

  • Is it possible to simply add a “fill” checkbox somewhere so that when Transform breaks up geometry, the geometry actually looks like chunks and not 1mm panels? Basically what thurasi does when it breaks up objects.

  • thank you for creating those tools !

    > here is a cool inspirational image for your future S U P E R T E X T render adventure !

    cheerzz !

  • This is actually way more useful than the Transform plugin.

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