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June 18, 2014 - By 

We just launched a HUGE new update to Transform. This is the biggest update we have ever made to any plugin. We added a bunch of new features in the latest version including the ability to break apart models and text into individual polygons. Then, you can animate each polygon using one of our new presets or using the “Custom Mode” that allows you to make your own animation with no keyframes.

Learn More About Transform

Easy Text Animation


Animate Individual Polygons


NEW SuperTextâ„¢ Plugin Included

SuperText is a new plugin that is included when you purchase Transform. Use it to make animating type and vector logos even easier. Use SuperText with MoText and Transform to create tons of different polygon, texture and subdividing effects.

Like all of our plugins, it’s all procedural so you can change your text at any time. Chop up and subdivide your text without making anything editable.

  • Easily and Evenly Subdivide Your Text – For polygon or chunking effects with Transform.
  • Fix Cubic Projections – to make all your textures perfectly stick to your type with one click.
  • Bake Geometry While Keeping Your Text Parametric – to fix typefaces for rendering or sharing with clients.

Want to see Transform in action inside of Cinema 4D. Watch the video below to learn about how we use Transform to make animated titles, and detailed polygon transitions.

Transform In Action

We made a “What’s New” video that shows some of the new features and modes for the latest version including SuperText, Poly Mode, and some of the new animation presets. Check it out below.

What’s New In Transform v1.2

Thanks for reading and watching about what Transform v1.2 can do for your animation workflow. I really appreciate you checking it out. Please head over to the store if you want to learn more about it or purchase it. Thanks for supporting Greyscalegorilla.

Current Transform Customer?

This is a free update. Visit our Updates Page and enter the email you used to purchase Transform to get your free update.


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  • FREE?!?! Wow! thank you.

  • Awesome update, I can see how supertext might even help when using hair. It’ll be fun to play with. Quick question, does the update work with dynamics? I know you had mentioned before that was something you may be working on. Love the product, keep it up.

  • No place like here. Awesome work !

  • You guys need to come to Nairobi, Kenya and do a 3D convention. My company can facilitate this event. Let me know.

  • Excellent and congratulations GSG crew! You are on of my favorite C4D resources.

  • Thanks guys!

  • Great work on the update! Good stuff.
    However I am having problems making the supertext work correctly. When doing caps+fillet I get overlaping polys in some corners and other misbehavior.

  • I “wan’t” the update!

  • Awesome update guys! A little thing and probably not important but I like the new icons for Transform an SuperText. Makes the plugins look like super heroes. Epic thanks!

  • What preset is used on the orange cube/sphere @ 1:50 in the first video?

  • Hi, is this a free or discounted upgrade if you already have the previous version of transform? (Sorry, I looked around a bit and didn’t see any info about this.) Thanks.

  • I think this plugin is cool,but everyone would have the same damn styles.I go vimeo and I see 75% of the artists for cinema 4d look the same,the patterns keep going exactly the same.

    • Presets are always a double edged sword. They are great to get you started and for a fast animation style, but can get overused for sure. My recommendation is to look into the custom mode settings to be sure your look is all your own.

  • Great product! So many uses!

    I was wondering if anyone has tried using Transform with Krakatoa for C4D? Is there a way to make sure the Krakatoa particles only fill the child object of the Transform function?

  • Nice job, guys! Great update. Looking forward to Signal!!

  • Hi Nick,

    First of all, I’m a big fan, love the work, tools & tutorials. But do you remember this: ,
    because isn’t this kinda what Transform does ? Anyway, keep up the great work ‘n have a nice weekend!

    • Taking control over every keyframes is a very powerful tool for animating EXACTLY what you want. But, when animating hundreds or thousands of polygons or chunks or letters, it’s nearly impossible. Plugins like Mograph can help make it easier, but it can still be hard to make hundreds of particles do exactly what you want.

      Transform was built so that you can essentially “keyframe” one particle and then Transform will do the rest over time. Transform was built to listen to YOU, and not do everything for you. Sure there are presets, but they just get you started. You can tell Transform what direction you want it to go in, how fast, how randomly, and describe the entire transition. Then Transfrom will apply that to every object in the hierarchy at different times, again, decided by you.

      Taking control is ultimately what I was talking about in that video. And Transform gives it to you in a way that is efficient.

  • Declan Zimmermann June 20, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    Fantastic update – great job of addressing some of the things that were frustrating in the previous version of Transform. And greatly appreciate the free upgrade, thanks so much!!

  • GSG does more for C4D than anyone else out there.

    Let’s give Nick and Chris a standing ovation….[massive clapping sound]…

    Yay!! Thanks for the great updates!!

    That should sum it up 🙂

  • Anybody else having problems when using the Physical Renderer with a bunch of the effects when the transition is set to In (Reverse). Specifically on effects like Butterflies. It will not work at all on early frames, but then everything works perfectly with the Standard Renderer. I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure out why this would be happening.

  • Any chance of baking out the results into keyframed objects?

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