Welcome EJ Hassenfratz as a New Tutorial Artist on Greyscalegorilla

June 20, 2014 - By 

We are always looking for the best tutorial artists to help teach you Cinema 4D. It can be hard to find a talented artist that is also willing to share their workflow. However, add being a great communicator and teacher on top of that and you have the formula for a fantastic tutorial artist. EJ Hassenfratz at Eyedesyn is one of those artists.

We are so excited to welcome EJ Hassenfratz as an official GSG Educator. You can find some of our favorite tutorials from EJ on our tutorials page[1]. We are also looking forward to add some of his future videos, including GSG exclusive tutorials, soon. It’s been great to see EJ grow as a Tutorial artist over the last few years. His humble attitude and inquisitive “how’d they do that?” nature make him a perfect fit for GSG. Join us in welcoming EJ as a part of the Greyscalegorilla training team.

Watch Some Tutorials From EJ.

Eyedesyn’s Reel

Follow Eyedesyn

His stuff will also be posted on his own site, Eyedesyn.
Follow EJ on twitter at @eyedesyn
Check out EJ on Behance.
Learn more about EJ at his About Page[2].

1. Did you know you can filter the Tutorial page by Educator? Just click on the artists name on the left hand side and see only their tutorials.
2. Holy crap, he won an Emmy?

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  • I’m so happy that you got EJ. I love him. I watch his tuts on Lynda.com aaallll the time. He’s really great. And I just LOVE saying his name. His last name is the best. I’m really happy you chose to add him to GSG. Bring on massive amounts of C4D tutorials people!!! BRING IT!!!

    • Carina Svendsen June 23, 2014 at 3:05 am

      Did they get him, or did he get them?

      I think EJ is great, so let´s be fair here who´s helping who.

  • That’s very cool. El Eyedesyn is a very cool artist and has great teaching skills.
    These GSG guests’ tuts have made me think for quite a while though…I mean, are there interesting behind the scenes deals that make 3d artists join GSG….and then suddenly disappear?!!!!
    Simon Homedal’s tuts were just out of this world, and so were Mike the Monkey’s, but they one day just disappeared… and never made tuts again! what did you do to them Nick??! ^___^

    • Here’s hoping I don’t end up on a milk carton anytime soon! 😉

    • I agree. I suppose Simon is too good, and therefore too busy to keep doing tutorials.

      What’s the saying? “Those that can’t do teach.”

    • Carina Svendsen June 23, 2014 at 3:13 am

      I have been thinking about that as well.

      The thing is, as i see it, the “industry” can´t live on making tutorials. The idea there must be to teach people, who then can get a job, but what if making tutorials is the “only” job there is!?

      Let´s be frank here, Maxon is paying all of these guys to sell copies/licenses for Cinema4D, but what if the problem isn´t competing with Modo, Maya and Houdini?

      • mmm… The way I see it is that GSG is a great point of reference for the C4D community and not only. Nick makes you feel at home, many of the tuts are great and the fact he is making a business out of it doesn’t feel inappropriate. Actually, I think it is totally appropriate. Tuts are free since no one forces any of us to buy his products; one might not be able to follow and finish a tut completely without a specific tool like his light kit, etc, but despite that, the stuff one can learn here is immeasurable. Now…anyone looking for visibility would not mind being a guest on GSG or have his/her work exposed here, but since I do not think that Simon, Mike and now Ej need this kind of exposure, I’m inclined to think that they came here cause they love doing tuts, want to share their knowledge and because GSG is fun. That being said, the only thing that doesn’t quite fit is the way that the past guests disappeared (Simon was supposed to make tuts regularly on GSG) which makes me think that in the end, at some point, one cannot ignore that GSG is here to make its business, and like I already said, I’m totally cool with that, but it might not suite everyone, especially if one is giving free contribution without looking for exposure and someone else is making a profit. Makes sense?

        • Good points.

          Yes GSG is a business. It started with me in a bedroom making tutorials and grew to six products, customer support, Five Second Projects, our own store, events, speaking gigs, and more. This requires a team and that costs money. Nobody is making millions over here, but I love that Greyscalegorilla can can grow to support all the ways we want to help making Cinema 4D fun to learn and easier to use. So, when it comes to others help, it can be for exposure for sure, but It can also help in other ways…

          “I’m inclined to think that they came here cause they love doing tuts, want to share their knowledge and because GSG is fun.”

          This is spot on for how I think about this. We love to teach and have fun doing it. I think other artists see this and want to be a part of it. Besides, not everyone wants to run their own tutorial site. Maybe they just want to put out one or three of them, and GSG is a good place to do that to get the word out and to reach as many interested people as possible. Casey Hupke’s upcoming tutorial is a good example of that.

          Anyway, thanks for bringing this up and for the discussion. I want to write more about this soon.

          • Carina Svendsen June 24, 2014 at 5:03 am

            But I think you got the “business part” backwards. Business doesn´t cost money, it makes money.

            So you´re saying EJ, at the time being, makes so much money, so that you´re gonna take some of that? It´s either that, or the other way around., and “the other way around” doesn´t really add up with what you´re saying.

            “This is spot on for how I think about this. We love to teach and have fun doing it.”

            Well, I´m a bit more cynical than that, I think you do it to make money.

            ” I think other artists see this and want to be a part of it.”

            Be part of what? Your money making machine? EJ has his own website, what added value will it bring him to be here as well? Other artists want´s to have paying customers.

            How many unique visitors do you think you have? I´d say around 99.5% of those watching tutorials on this site, watches Eyedesyn as well.

            Somebody said “Those that can’t do, teach…”…well, I see a huge problem in this. I/we know EJ can do, so how come he´s teaching?

    • With GSG, I want to try and give any great tutorial artist a platform to show their videos. There is only so much I know and can teach about Cinema 4D on my own. I’m honored that Simon and Mike did the videos they did with the site. But, they have decided to stop doing tutorials for different reasons. I’m just glad they shared what they shared. Honestly, I would still love to share more from them if they wanted to. I’ve personally asked Mike over the last few years as he continues to do great work over in NYC. But, it seems that finding time can be an issue for a popular freelancer.

      It takes a lot of time and hard work to consistantly make good tutorials. But anyone who was willing to try and help, even for a short time is great in my book. I look forward to more from Chris and EJ as the year goes on. I’m glad to have such great C4D artists on the site.

      • Carina Svendsen June 24, 2014 at 5:08 am

        “But, it seems that finding time can be an issue for a popular freelancer.”

        Well, this sort of says something about what I´m saying, don´t you think? You´re sort of saying that people making tutorials are part of the “b-team”.

        I mean, let´s be frank, if you had paying customers taking up all your week, you wouldn´t do this either. You/we are all doing it to show our work, to get jobs.

        Well, it´s not really working..

        • Carina, your bitter words tend to reveal some sort of frustration. Everyone is free to have his/her own opinion but the way one expresses it makes the difference.
          Your saying that “Business doesn´t cost money” makes me think that you do not have one, which could explain the frustration. Don’t mean to offend you, but I’m pretty sure you got this all wrong. The reason many countries are collapsing is cause of banks not funding people who want to start up a business. Some people who already run one cannot find money to keep buying raw material to make their products. Think of what happened in India where thousands of farmers committed suicide due to bad credit systems.
          Perhaps your idea that business comes for free is because we’re getting used to things like GSG where you can learn a job for free. But even here, if you want to stay on the “safe side” you will eventually have to buy a piece of software or something. I personally started a company thanks to platforms like GSG , Videocopilot, and other people willing to share their knowledge. I can today support my family by doing the job I love. I can hardly find anything wrong or unpleasant with the way Nick runs this site and, like I’ve already said, no-one forces anyone to buy something or even sit and scroll through this site. We are sitting here and discussing Nick’s business as if it were our own and he’s so cool to reply : “nice topic I want to write more about this” which technically means that he’s ready to share his own business and discuss weather what he does and the way he does it is cool or not. And you have the nerve to say:
          “Be part of what? Your money making machine?” …c’mon Carina… seriously…

          • Keep it up Nick what you are doing here and teaching has made me plenty of money. It’s allowed me to provide for my family doing what I love. I’m not the greatest at it by any stretch but I’m good enough to make a nice living. Shocked by the lack of respect and what appears to be a large chunk of jealousy.

  • Wow, the great EJ and the great GSG together – awesome!!!

  • Super reel !!! very nice…
    I need the name of song please !

  • This is VERY good news! EJ is an absolute jet!

  • So fkn great!

  • Great to hear, Nick! EJ is a fine choice to rep the mograph scene in DC, too!

  • Great news, Nick & EJ. I’m looking forward to see some cool new stuff from you guys!

  • This is great news.

    PS. I love how everybody has to analyze everything to death.

  • I hope you’re getting paid for this.

    • That’s something you’d say when you are doing your best to deliver a cool project but your client feels he knows better than you what you should do and you end up doing what he wants.

      The day GSG calls you for a tut, you just call some friends, brag about it and go celebrate at the pub.

  • I think making EJ a part of the GSG family is a great idea all around. Thanks to all artists who have given back to help others. I wouldn’t have a career in motion graphics without all who have been generous enough to give back. I am one of the lucky people on this planet who loves what they do for a living and I have learned on my own through trial and error, and through tutorials online. Thank you so much to all who have been unselfish with their time.

    Welcome Aboard EJ! Thanks Nick! GSG has literally changed my life.

  • Awesome. EJ is a perfect fit for GSG. Good job guys.

  • This is a perfect union. I can’t wait to see what you guys make together.

  • Its a shame there are so many negative responses to this thread.
    Unusually i felt the need to interject in defense of a brilliant site.
    I for one am very grateful for nick and the team being around, i have purchased some of the plugins over the years as they tend to make something amazing really quickly for very little effort. Something which any freelance will understand is essential when time is running out.
    As a lone freelance i also value the friendly environment of the site and hope it continues to be a place to go for positive informed editorial.
    I have always wondered where the chaps find the time, but am glad they do.
    If the next person to post, actually takes a breath and tries to bring something postive to the table, they will feel much better in themselves and make our lives better as well.

  • So glad to have EJ on here – Is a wonderful designer and communicator. What a great team you guys are assembling at GSG!!! Thanks for all you do for the C4D Community.

  • This is great. I think its better to have a guest artist post an exclusive tutorial here once in a while than keeping someone around straight for months.

    I saw a picture of Nick, Andrew Kramer, John dickinson and couple of other artists. It will be great these and other cool artists take turns in posting great tutorials once in a while. Win Win.

  • A subject I would like to see for the Cinema 4d Community is: Character Modeling.

    I see few and few Character Modeling (good) tutorials for Cinema 4d. I love to be creative in all aspects of the softwae and Character modeling is missing in the community discussion. Any thoughts?

  • Ej & Nick tough collaboration u guys u rock, So now all we need z 2 c ur new work. Thumbs Up GSG & EJ

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