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Introducing Signal from Greyscalegorilla

July 30, 2014 - By 

The Cinema 4D Timeline has always been intimidating to me. I loved animating in After Effects. But, when I started using Cinema 4D, I craved the simplicity of AE.

So, I mostly ignored animation. I ended up using other tools like the Vibrate tag or the random effector to drive animations. I would set a few keyframes when I needed them, but it always felt like a chore. It wasn’t as fun as the rest of Cinema 4D. Plus, it was hard to go back and change an animation once it was keyframes.

That’s why we built Signal. Signal allows you to animate any parameter in Cinema 4D with no keyframes. It’s like Mograph for your timeline.

Signal does so many things. It’s hard to describe in one sentence. But, here are some ideas.

  • Need something in your scene to rotate or move forever?
  • Need To add a subtle wiggle to your Camera?
  • Want to make seamless loop-able animations?
  • Maybe you need to easily animate a texture?
  • Want to experiment with animation instead of endlessly tweaking keyframes?

Combine Signal’s different animation types to get exactly the animation you want.

Need it to go faster? Just change the speed or the loop point.

Want to layer a subtle animation onto a current one? Just add a new layer and experiment.

Don’t like the change? Remove it.

Simple To Apply To Any Object

Animate Everything. Even colors

Play with your animation and discover more than just interpolation.

Here is a recording of Yesterday’s Live cast about Signal. We got a lot of great questions and feedback. In the video, we go over how to set up Signal and show off what it’s capable of in a few projects.

Live Q&A

Here is what Signal users are saying already

This is months of work that is finally out, and i’m excited to see what people do with it. I feel like we don’t even know what is possible with Signal yet. It works everywhere in Cinema 4D. I can’t wait to see what designers do with it.

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Five Second Project “In Paradise” Winners

July 22, 2014 - By 


Congratulations to Rickard Bengtsson for winning the “In Paradise” Five Second Project. His entry had buttery smooth animation, a bad word pun, a vibrant color palette, and fantastic complimentary sound design that all came together to create an excellent winning project.

We also hand-picked a great group of honorable mentions below. Look for the next Five Second Project coming up soon.

Honorable Mentions