Free Cinema 4D R16 Scene Files

September 11, 2014 - By 

Cinema 4D R16 is finally out! And, as promised, we are sharing our R16 scene files.

Get The Models Here

Everything is fully lit and textured. Ready to render and ready for you to play with and learn. We have other fun things planned just for our newsletter in the near future so I hope you stay with us.

Below are the scene files that are included in the download.

Black Spheres with 6 Layer Reflectance


Interaction Tag Mouth Animation

Cog Spline Dynamic Machine

Car Paint Shader With Reflectance


Get The Models Here

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  • Awesome as ever. Just on another note I watched the live cast last night and loved it with loads of great tips. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch it all. Is there anyway we can watch them again? I tried looking on your ustream channel but couldn’t see anything. Keep up the amazing work guys πŸ™‚

  • spelling error “Car Paint Shader With Reflecance”

  • Can we Have a more tutorial about Interaction Tag PLZ MR Chris and Nick πŸ™‚

  • Hi Every Body and Nick!
    I have a question about the “BlackSpheres” scene, I use a sky and attach a HDRI to it… why to you have 3 sky objects sIBL_RESky, sIBL_ENSky, sIBL_BGSky and compotining tag next to all of them? I did 3 renders with just sIBL_RESky, sIBL_RESky – sIBL_ENSky, sIBL_RESky – sIBL_ENSky – sIBL_BGSky, they all look the some (but the scratch look different.) not a big difference… do you can a reason why you do this? and can you show me a tut why you do this?
    Thanks! i’m trying to learn to new channel, so far I am stuck lol.

    • I guess it’s for having better render time.
      reflexions don’t need an hdr image (so there’s a jpg picture), GI doesn’t need a complicated hdr image (sa blurred picture ).
      But I’d like to have more explainations too (for the BG sky, I don’t understand why it’s the complete hdr picture..if it’s important to have one..may be because of refraction…don’t know)

  • Hi guys, IΒ΄ve been receiving all the newsletter form GSG since long time, but this time did not received the newsletter with the link to download those R16 files…
    Anyway, thanks for this!!

  • Hi Nick, thanks as always for your work it’s very helpful!!
    I just have one question: i’m subscribed to the newsletter but i didn’t get those R16 scenes you mention in the post, the last mail i’ve got was on the 12th of september.
    is that correct?

  • Yes Nick, Please don’t forget your loyal followers, we want those scenes too πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Nick — I’m already a subscriber to the newsletter, but don’t know how to obtain a link to the files without subscribing again, using another email address. Am I missing something?

    • Hi, We sent out the download to the newsletter subscribers last week. Can you check your spam filter? Maybe it went there? Let me know.

      • Could you do a quick re-send of the newsletter email with download links? Maybe I was subscribed via an old method since I don’t recall getting a lot of GSG emails, but I did get an email early this morning with the subject: “Cinema 4D Presentations and Scene Files from Siggraph 2014,” then another newsletter email, but no link. Went to subscribe and the system said that I was already subscribed. Thanks Nick!

  • i don’t any thing from you for one year. Last mai was 20/08/2013… Sure you will do ssomething. Thank

  • found them in the spam folder, although i have in the contacts!

  • hi nick! first of all thanks for your work guys.
    I have the same problem with the email about the scene files. I’ve already checked the spam but nothing. can you resend me an email with these link please? thank you!!

  • I just subscribed and I didn’t found any link to download the free C4D scenes !

  • OK, I just found the link in the second newsletters email. Thank you !

  • you guys should be more active.

  • Raymundo Oliveira October 1, 2014 at 9:49 am

    i did not receive =/

  • First, nice work folks.

    I’m subscribed to the newsletter but don’t think I got the link (or it fell through the cracks) to the downloadable files. Any chance you can resend?

    Also, a password protected download section on your site would be cool for things like this. has one that works well.

  • Hey Nick!
    How You make this blend effect its amazing!! i have scene and try figure out how to make it. I know that this vertex map is nessesary but i dont know how to make it.

  • Thanks man! This is awesome πŸ˜€


  • SO cool!
    I like it.

  • Hi Nick,

    Many thanks for sharing your amazing work and insights! Much appreciated!!
    I tried several times to subscribe but without success πŸ™
    Nothing in my spam box either. Would love to receive the GSG newsletter and the files.

    Thanks for looking into it. Cheers!

  • Hi Nick,

    Haven’t found the β€œWelcome” Email or any other from GSG. Been trying many many times to subscribe but with no success. Any chance this issue might get sorted in the near future? Thanks again for your amazing tuts!!

  • Hi Nick, Thanks for sending me the files! What a pleasant surprise πŸ™‚ Much appreciated!!!

  • Hi Nick you are awesome, i just subscribed and “Signup For Our Newsletter Now To Get These Exclusive R16 Scene Files” n i got nothing?….hala at your boy

  • Hmm maybe i should have waited a pit, patience is virtue. got the mail thank Nick, you gents n ladies are awwweesome that side! straight from Namibia please don’t poach rhinos πŸ™‚

  • Hi ! Nick, I searched my mails. But I found nothing – ” welcome to GSG… ”

    So, I used my alternate E-mail and subscribed again. Then, I received the link.

    Anyways, thanks for the scene files.

  • Hi Nick!

    Just sign up for the news letter subscription, but didn’t get the link for the scene files.
    Instead, I received the video link for “My 6 Favorite Cinema 4D Tips For Better Looking Renders”… This video is awesome, but can you please send me a link to the scene files?

    Thank you so much for your help and great tutorials as always!

  • didn’t get my free downloads

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