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Yesterday’s Live Stream / Ask GSG is recorded and posted to our new Patreon Page. If you missed it, now is the time to watch it and also contribute to remove the ads from the live stream.

If you aren’t familiar with Patreon, it’s a way for you to be a member of Greyscalegorilla by contributing once per month toward our goals of getting the ads of of Ustream and to eventually get some of these videos up as Tutorials.


There are also rewards for members including recordings of the Live Shows, Scene Files from the shows, and other goodies. Check out the page for more details. Get cool stuff and help us make more stuff in the process.

Here is some of what we made yesterday






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  • No thanks but good luck.

  • Hello Greyscalegorilla_Team, Could it be possible to make a tutorial about targetting two moving objects, one in degree as in 360° and an other object in lenght as in X-value. I’ve made an object with Xpresso and couldn’t figger that one out so had to make a keyframe set to 5/375 for the whole clip. . I can send you the project file to look further at this specific question.

    • You need to use a circumference formula. 2*pi*radius should get you there (every time the circle moves a distance in x equal to that it should turn 360 degrees.

      It’s easier if you animate the rotation to drive the distance in x (at least for me it is!)

  • I hate to say it but your live shows aren’t even close to being worth paying for yet, especially not on a monthly basis. I guess I’ll never find out if they got any better. Best of luck.

    • Just to be clear, the live shows will always be free. But the recordings will be only for members. Sorry you don’t like the show. We are always trying to be better at what we do. Can you give feedback to help us make it better for everyone?

  • Let´s be honest at least. this “get rid of ads” is bull, you can´t make ends meet on what you´re doing, and have to start beg for money.

    • Nope. The Ustream ads are annoying to everyone and we want them gone. The money will go directly towards that as soon as we hit our goal. We aren’t begging. It’s not for everyone. But, I hope you join us. We have some pretty fun C4D stuff we are doing only for the Patreon members.

      • You, I can make my on C4D stuff, I don´t have to download your scene files.

        • I always wonder what capable and competent people like you do on such sites. Why wasting your time with an article like this when you could use ist “make your own C4D stuff”?

          I don’t see anything bad about the idea to use something like Patreon. The best thing about it: You don’t have to accept the offer 😉

          Thanks to Nick and his team for GSG, the free and valuable stuff on it. I always appreciate your work for the community!

          Greetings from overseas 🙂

      • And if you really cared what your audience thinks, you´d ask them whether _they_ find the ads so annoying or if they´d prefer them to paying.

        “The money will go directly towards that as soon as we hit our goal. We aren’t begging”

        So as soon as you have your $1000 you´ll stop taking peoples money, since you can get rid of the ads?

        • Talking about money: Why are you so upset about others asking for money? GSG has done a lot for the community. And they sell stuff they made by themselves to people who wanna buy it and have use for it. … Others sell upgrade copies of software as full versions “tons of times” 😉 Time to soft-pedal…

          • Because I think it takes us back 100 years, and the patronage society where people went to the patron, cap in hand, asking for a hand out, instead of them actually doing a job worth paying for. And the people who made it in that society where the ones who where the best beggars and liars, not necessarily the ones who where best in their respective field.

            As I see it, GSG should be the “patron” by now. A little bit like Allan McKay (FumeFX guru) where he takes (promising) people who takes his classes and help them get a job (of course, in all honesty, I only know of him talking about this, but I can´t really see why he would lie about that, because he´s not selling that aspect, I heard him say that in an interview or something of that sort)

            I take the George Carlin route and call bullshit out wherever I see it. I mean, if Nick & Co. could just be honest and tell it like it is, the really interesting discussion would be, If not even Nick, with all his contacts, and all his (self acclaimed) knowledge can get a paying job in this industry, well, why is that?

            What happened to EJ Hassenfratz for example? GSG made this huge announcement of him making tutorials for GSG, and then….nothing!? I´ve watched 2 tutorials with him from his own site the last couple of weeks, so I know he´s alive.
            Sort of the same thing happened with Mike “The Monkey”.

            “Others sell upgrade copies of software as full versions “tons of times”

            You see how small this “community” is!?

          • I have replied to your question quite extensively, we´ll see if it passes the GSG moderation/censorship.

          • We are very lucky to have the products we sell pay for the site and it’s employees. But that isn’t enough to be able to pay for getting rid of the ads and editing we need for the Live show we want to do. We are trying this Patreon thing to see if we can get our fans to help us and also give back things like scene files and recordings. It’s an experiment for sure. If it doesn’t work, we will have to find a sponsor for the Live show of drastically change the concept of the Live Show overall.

            We are giving this a try to see if we can do it. It’s not for everyone for sure.

  • Hey, is there any chance that price for video recording membership could drop to something like 5 dollars? Or maybe you guys planing on some discounts for college students?

  • Wow–it really boggles my mind the cynicism people have when it comes to the internet. It seems we have grown accustomed to expecting everything to be free when in reality there is a definite expense that goes into putting together a quality online program. It’s not like GSG is asking for your birth right– just a little to help out, that’s all. God–have you added up the amount of freely given education that is already available on this site for absolutely no charge. Basically it’s an entire film school worth of C4D/AE info for the low, low price of NADA. Wow.
    I don’t know. I’m probably older than a lot of users of this site, but back in the day education of any kind required some kind of cost (a simple magazine or book on any given film-making topic, all the way up to college tuition.)
    Perhaps I’m too old school….

  • I don’t think it’s old school to think that way. I think it’s a question of having a little common decency – something that’s sadly lacking in many of the younger generation these days – and probably a significant number of people old enough to know better. The Internet is a fantastic resource, and one that was practically unimaginable when I was a kid/teenager. I think a large part of the problem is the weird sense of entitlement that kids who grew up with Internet access feel, expecting to have everything handed to them for free, available at their fingertips. So many have no sense whatsoever that there are real people putting these shows/software/music/movies together, and it’s usually costing them their own money, time and hard work to produce. Some people are so selfish, rude and unrealistic it just beggars belief.

    There’s also that old saying – if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Constructive criticism is always good and should be welcomed. Every time you needlessly log in to someones blog/site just to say how much you hate what they’re doing, you come across as a negative, whiny, entitled, narcissistic tool. So just stop it, already. Don’t like it? Go do something better; I dare you.

  • It’s not for me, don’t like the concept, but good luck with it.

  • I’ve saved up and purchased a number of GSG products in the past but being the poor chap that I am 😉 pricing is a bit too high for me to make it a monthly withdrawal in my account; but I really want to give you guys something back for all the help you’ve given me over the years. So i’ve gone for the dollar a month option. I know it’s not much but it’s something 🙂 Not sure how many live shows I’ll be able to catch (7pm in the UK is family time for me) but good luck with it all and keep up the great work guys!

      • Well I made the effort to catch this weeks show with Chris and now I’ve gone and upped my pledge to $10 just so I can catch up with the shows I missed 🙂 looks like I’ll be asking for PayPal donations this Xmas to keep me in the black! Damn you GSG and your helpful & entertaining ways! 😉

  • First off…Carina is rude. Decency, what ever happened to that. As a new C4D user i never would have gotten this far without GSG. Comin from Africa, am gonna hafta figure out a way to make my contributions. Too bad the live show is not for me…its on at midnight here and the net is crap . Best of luck, GSG !

  • Love what you guys are doing with this; there are all sorts of creative ways to fund content in the internet age. Gotta experiment to see what works. Will definitely put up at least a buck a month; shoot, you guys practically have a college’ education’s worth of content up on this site!

    Quick question; is that water cube with the two whales actual rendered water, or a displaced and textured cube? Looks awesome!

  • Hello there young Nick thy great. I ponder what trickery was used to produce such blasphemy images? I dearly wish a gallery of such could be added to the website they call, “Greyscalegorilla”.

  • Holy moly that Carina needs to chill. I’m not sure i wanna pay for this either though. Not because i Don’t like you guys but i’m quite dissapointed i can’t see the show afterwards unless I pay a lot. How many shows are we talking about? I’d love to pay couple of bucks if I can see the show ‘not live’…

    • We are almost to our next goal to get a producer/editor to get some of our best live segments on the blog as tutorials. If you would like to help, it’s $10 per month which is 4 live shows. Either way, we hope to get some of the clips up very soon.

  • GSG is awesome! Stack that paper! Anyone serious about their career in motion graphics will not let the cost stop them. It’s great teaching and has helped me learn c4d and all its new features over the years.

  • Hi guys! Will I get access to previous show records if i’ll patronage (is it right?) you now?

  • Hi Gorilla

    I’m not sure it is the place for what I want. I search the place where I can sugest a tutorial !
    I See that and I know you can do !!!

    If it’s not the place say me where and how i can do …

    Thank’s for all your tutorial and time


  • Hello Greyscalegorilla , Could it be possible to make a tutorial how we can make modeling like this

  • Hi…how to make ,,welding,,in C4D??



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