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Greyscalegorilla, Chicago C4D, and Maxon US are proud to present Half Rez 2014. Yep, it’s that time again in Chicago. This is our Third Half Rez event and it will be our biggest one yet.

Last year, we had to turn people away at the door, so this year we wanted to be sure there was enough room for everyone to hang out, meet, greet, learn, and party. Visit HalfRez.com for more details and to register.

What Is Half Rez?

We started Half Rez to bring together 3D and 2D artists, animators and designers for a night of learning, drinking and hanging out.

We have presentations planned from local designers and tons of fun games and prizes to give away. Come hang out with like minded folks and let’s us celebrate our craft and learn from each other the fun way. Check out the videos below from the last two years to get a vibe of what Half Rez will be like.

Head on over to our official HalfRez page to register. There you will find the details for the show and by signing up, it will let everyone know who is coming and also help us out to make sure we have enough food there for everyone. Did I mention there will be free food to soak up the beer?

OK, so who’s coming?

Visit HalfRez.com to Sign Up

Video From Half Rez 1

Video From Half Rez 2

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  • Bought my ticket, I’ll be flying up from DC with EJ!

  • For next year….PLEASE give more than 3 weeks notice. Some of us want to fly in for this awesome event.

  • Arrrgh!! I can’t believe I’m going to miss it again!!!! I was at the first one since I lived nearby. Now I’m in FL. Tougher to get to Chicago. I miss you guys!! 🙁
    Have a great time w/out me! I’ll drink some beer at home and boot up C4D.

  • Can’t make it, TV Ratings period from Oct. 30 to Nov. 26… promotions takes the priority in my life. 🙁

    I guess I’ll be watching the online videos again. Have fun everyone!

  • AWESOME! Can’t wait to go, Missed it last year, but will definitely be there this year. Half Res is an invaluable resource of learning and networking. Big thanks to Nick, Chris and the GSG team, and of course all the sponsors!

  • that should be a lot of fun and experience, we’ll be there

  • Would love to come, me and a few buddies, if it wasn’t in the middle of the week :/. We’re actually not even that far from Chicago, maybe a couple of hours down into Indiana.

  • Oh man I almost had a heart attack when I opened greyscalegorilla.com and I looked at the title.
    “Half Rez 3”
    I know this is not Valve Software nor is there any connection between your awesome work and the Half Life series (or is there?!), but as it turns out my brain is really well trained in spotting ANYTHING that sounds like Half Life 3 and ring the alarm 😀

  • I just ran across this and wanted to drop it here. Some great (small) updates regarding R16 that many might not have noticed. I found it super helpful. This guy has some other great tutorials as well.. but this one is a must see for R16 users.


  • I’ll be there representing Detroit. Anyone else from Michigan going?

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