HDRI Studio Pack Update For R16

October 6, 2014 - By 

We made a new download of HDRI Studio Pack just for R16 users. If you use R16 and HDRI Studio Pack, you can download a new version at our Updates Page right away. Watch the video above to see what is new in the R16 version.

What Has Changed?

1. We fixed a Floor Reflection bug that some people have been getting with R16. Now floor reflection works perfectly.

2. We changed the way scene files load into the scene in this new version. Now, new HDR Rigs are brought in to a separate scene file instead of coming in the current scene. This isn’t an ideal workflow, but it fixes a texture problem that Cinema 4D has.

3. We also included new R16 Animation and Still presets that work exclusively with the new Reflectance channel.

Don’t have HDRI Studio Pack? Learn what it can do for your renders.

  • Are people having issues with texture kit pro in R16? Any plans to update those materials?

  • Is there any way to update an email address for the update page? The email address I used to purchase with is no longer in use.

  • Any reason why you decided on QMC/QMC for the new GI animation preset, opposed to the IR/LM. I always find QMC painfully slow and really grainy.

  • Hey Nick,
    I just installed the new HDRI Studio Pack for R16.
    Doesn’t seem to fix the reflection issue.
    Let me know if I need to do anything special.
    Thanks, Dave

  • I had the same issue, but just figure out a solution.
    Check “HDRI Reflection” in the bottom under Floor Reflection. Hope this will help.

  • Thanks for the update 🙂
    Is there any reason, you decided to keep the old version number for the new pack?

  • James Hastings-Trew October 8, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    I can confirm something for you – if you drag a new HDR Studio Rig into an empty scene, and fiddle with the floor reflection, and then look at the “Reflection Floor” texture… there’s NO Reflectance channel active in there, and nothing is happening to the channel controls. IF you open one of the Render preset example files, the rig in that file DOES work correctly. So it looks like the one in the .lib4d file didn’t get updated properly.

  • I may be off here, but in regards as to the easiest way to add a HDR Studio Rig to your scene if you already have an object in your scene it’s easy to add the HDR Rig if you drag the rig over the “objects” tab. The tab window changes to the Objects tab and you drop it in. No need to open it up as a separate scene and copy it over!

  • P.S-Can’t seem to get the floor reflections working either. And I confirmed I have the correct .lib4d file installed correctly. Toggling “HDRI Reflection” as suggested above doesn’t make a difference.

  • Is there a specific way to install the Render Presets somewhere so that they always appear in any new project?

  • James Hastings-Trew October 9, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    Nick – just tried that. Dumped the library/browser/GSG_HDRI_Studio_Pack_R16.lib4d file, and reinstalled from the download. Opened up the Content Browser, and dragged a copy of HDRStudioRig.c4d into the Objects tab. Adjusted the floor reflection – doesn’t work.

  • You talked about looking into other ways to make your packs work in R16. Please tell me you’re talking about making actual plug-ins for them! Although the content browser has worked, I’ve always felt it was a little messy to deal with. A plug-in would be a god-send!

  • Hello Nick .. how are you .. i wich you’r good ^___^

    so.. i had somme trouble with fps on c4d..

    when i export a c4d scene with tiff layer 50 fps

    i find that the fps in After Effects is 30 fps not 50 fps ..

    and this is my question .. what do i have to do ..

    thanks a lot

  • How do we get hold of this update? The emails I’m getting from support still link to v1.9…


  • Doh! Found it, should have looked in the subfolder or watched the video more closely!

    Just one question, how do I get the R16 animation presets into my content browser like the old version or don’t they work like that anymore?

    • “Just one question, how do I get the R16 animation presets into my content browser like the old version or don’t they work like that anymore?”

      Is there a solution for this question jet?

      Thanks 😉

  • Just wondering if there’s been any headway in figuring out the Floor Reflection issue.

  • FYI: I’m not mad. That’s just my name, Mad. 🙂

  • Hi Nik, i just realized that R16 Render Presets included with the last version 1.9 (r16 update) are wrong because all the Render Settings options are the same, example:


    All the parameters are the same for Still Frame Test – Medium – High (Standard & Physical)

    Global Illumination:
    Primary Method: Irradiance Cache
    Secondary Method: Radiosity Maps


    All the parameters are the same for Animation Low – Med – High (Standard & Physical)
    Quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC)

    Global Illumination:
    Primary Method: Quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC)
    Secondary Method: Quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC)

    Please fix this presets. Thanks

  • Hello Nick – have you manage to fix “floor reflection” issue? Seems to me is broken and I can’t force my Seamless floor to reflect objects – please, please HELP!


  • How do you import your own HDRI image and use it with this plug in?

  • I’m having a couple of issues with the new version 2.0.1 when attempting to open an older project, the HDRI kit doesn’t work and no matter how i link the textures/hdri etc it still doesn’t work.

  • Am having problem with GreyScaleGorilla HDRI Studio Pack, first of, its not showing up in my “plugin” tab, i then open it in content browser then click on the one i want and all it does is open up in “picture viewer” i also try draging straight onto my material but nothing happens.
    I followed your instructions on how to install.
    Am on C4d R16

  • Is this r17 compatible? cuz i get –Broken Asset file, please reinstall HDRI Studio– window.
    im on a mac.

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