University of Arts Utrecht Interviews Nick Campbell

November 25, 2014 - By 

Three students from The University of Arts Utrecht hopped on Skype to ask me a few questions this morning. Here is a recording of the interview.

Questions Asked In This Interview

  1. Who is Nick Campbell?
  2. Are you aware of the influence you have on the motion graphics industry?
  3. How do you see GSG progressing in the next 10 years?
  4. What do you think is the most difficult aspect of Greyscalegorilla?
  5. Who are your artistic Heroes?
  6. How do you progress as an artist conceptually?
  7. How do you feel about people Pirating your Products?
  8. Is there any technological advancement you look forward to?
  9. What’s going to be next for Greyscalegorilla?
  10. What are your hobbies?
  11. If you had to give us three “golden tips”, what would they be?
  12. What are your projects outside of Greyscalegorilla?
  13. What are your favorite Podcasts?
  14. Does music knowledge give you an advantage as an animator?
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  • Great conversation..!! very inspiring!! Thanks nick for your time.!

  • Totally agree with the golden tips!

  • Awesome as usual Nick.

  • Seems like you are more into music than in 3D. Hope you can share some of your music with us. All the best and let me know if you find out the music sucess formula 🙂

  • Hey Nick / GSG –

    I wrote the other day regarding the Albert Soft Body tutorial and wanted respond to Nick’s request for additional feedback.

    When I saw that play out, I thought that this may be a moment where GSG has to acknowledge that it has grown, and doesn’t fit in small spaces anymore. I’ve “been with you” since 2010, coming in as a decently trained traditional studio artist wanting to learn a new and powerful tool. You helped me immensely for exactly the reasons you put forth in this Q&A – best to learn from someone else who is learning.

    At that time, you were in a very different place, and, frankly, too small to ruffle feathers. Now you command a real audience and make at least part of a good living off GSG. I hope it only gets better, but people are going to start looking at you differently because the context of who you are has shifted.

    I love to create. Technically I am ‘okay’ with C4D, AE, etc… its my ideas that make up for my lack of skill. I’ve wondered what I would think if I created something you wanted to emulate and I know immediately I’d be happy because you always give credit and, while I don’t really know you or anyone else, its a family… Then I wonder about not feeling like I am part of the family, and it changes a little to, “hey, why wouldn’t you ask me first…?”

    That is my criticism. It is new, only recently have I felt that this mindset is needed. You have every right to teach AND ideas have every right to be respected. The two can certainly coexist, rarely clashing. I cannot imagine many people saying “no” if you asked them for their blessing if you were to teach a method that reflects their good work.

    With great tutorials, come great responsibility.

    Thanks and don’t change too much… just enough.

    • Quick addition – always happens that 5 minutes later I think of something else…

      A few days ago on Patreon I saw Chris Schmidt field a request for a bridge flying into place… rather than create a bridge, he asked what a good alternate would be so as not to copy the work. A rollercoaster was the winner. The ‘flying in’ concept was taught and there is no way the artist could cry wolf. Not always necessary, but a good backup plan to have.

      And scene.

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