30 Cinema 4D Tutorials In 30 Days

December 31, 2014 - By 

To celebrate the beginning of 2015 and the seventh year of Greyscalegorilla, we are posting a new Cinema 4D tutorial every day in January. Bookmark our Free Cinema 4D Tutorials Page and head back every day in January to learn more C4D tips, tricks and techniques.

These tutorials were recorded during our Ask GSG Live show that we have been doing on Wednesdays for the last few months. You bring your C4D questions and either Chris or I answer them Live. The results are recorded and the best segments will be posted all this month.

Thanks so much to our Patrons for helping us reach our goals and getting this project off the ground. If you are interested in getting a recording of the live show the day after it’s made or getting scene files made during AskGSG, head over to our Patreon Page and check out how you can support us and become a VIP GSG member.

One last thing. We will still be recording askGSG most Wednesdays at 1PM CST. Head to our Live page to see the schedule and watch the show live.

Thanks again for all of your support in 2014. We hope 30 in 30 will kick off a great 2015.

Happy Learning,

  • love it…even better how about 30 tutorials in 30 hours hehe……

  • The best way to start a new year!!

  • your are crazy man !!!!! January every morning gift from you… waiting waiting 🙂

  • New year just got better!!!

  • the best gift for the new year

  • awesome gsg! looking forward to it!!

  • you are smart guys, keep going

  • Really great work you are doing guys in all your free tutorials, and I’m getting too much benefit from them, actually, you are my C4D teachers ! I just had R16 installed ….

    Happy New Year Nick and Chris ! Thanks !

  • This is great because, frankly, my mind lags behind real-time sessions and I miss important points.

  • Thanks!!!! feliz año 2015…..

    • Totally. We loved that idea so much. Also worth a watch.

      • At least throw the guy a bone.

        • I have to agree… while I love that someone is taking on this challenge (and furthermore, super glad that it’s GreyscaleGorilla), I think there should have been some mention of Joey’s awesome work at Schoolofmotion. Moreover, I feel like attributing Joey may have even opened the door for some collaboration, which as an avid fan of both sites, would have been really cool.

  • Muchas gracias muchachos! Saludos desde Chile !

  • Really appreciate this, I loved Joey’s 30DAE and now for you for C4D… This thing they call the internet is badass. Anyway, Joey seemed to get sick half way through – it is a lot of work, so keep your vitamins handy…GSG and Joey are great guys for doing this for the community.

  • its an awesome idea.
    really looking forward to see all the 30 tutorials.
    is it possible that you make an architecture exterior tutorial?
    how to model and render a building?
    your bedroom tutorial is amazing.

    have a nice day.

    many greetings from Berlin (Germany)

  • Thanks Nick, you guys are awesome.

  • Here is a nice lighting tutorial. Not sure if this is more Nick or Chris. It’s a good thing to learn now.

  • That is , great , thanks Nick. And is it possible , in future can you guys make a tutorial about r16’s motion tracking full features , object behind footage , compositing in C4D , that would be awesome.And thanks for all the other work:)

  • I wish you awesome guys could attempt making a tutorial on how to model a jellyfish like in this link http://www.digitaltutors.com/tutorial/1129-Understanding-the-Basics-of-XPresso-in-CINEMA-4D

    I have the project files, but I want to learn how to make a jellyfish on my own 🙂

  • please make this tutorials

    how to make this stuffs

    Happy New Year & hope you may have a blast……..

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