Beeple And Signal

February 16, 2015 - By 

We are honored that the ever prolific Beeple used Greyscalegorilla’s own Signal to animate one of his gorgeous VJ clips. “Signal is fucking great!!” said Beeple in an email to us and we couldnt agree more.

We built signal to make animations simple to make, but robust enough for artists to use on any project. Knowing that one of our favorite artists is using it makes us all very proud primates.

Learn What Else Signal Can Do

You can download this scene file and tons of other great scene files that Beeple graciously has available on his site, beeple-crap

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  • Is signal compatible with C4D Lite and Cineware?

  • Signal is fantastic. Used it on graphics package for Velocity recently and didn’t use a single keyframe!

    – Shawn

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