Nick Campbell Q&A at SLC Motion Graphic Meetup

March 27, 2015 - By 

I stopped by the Salt Lake City Motion Graphics Group during my road trip to do answer some questions and wave my hands around. It ended up being a very honest discussion about the history of GSG, The philosophy of making tutorials, and why A+ school work isn’t good enough.

Thanks to the group for inviting me out and asking all these great questions. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh yeah, Remind me to get longer T-Shirts to wear next time.

  • It was great having you at the group. Thanks for all that you do!

  • Simple solution: GSG needs to sell t-shirts again. The one I bought last time is one of my favorite shirts and I need more!

  • Agh! I work just down the road, I need to pay more attention I think. Awesome you came to SLC!

  • Hey Nick, Im a Music Producer/Songwriter/ Graphic Designer/Actor, go by the name PAUL PISTACHIO, anyways I just saw your SALT LAKE CITY Q&A video. I always enjoy your tour videos on my lunch break from Cinema, keep it up cause I am one of many who visit the site for new post, can’t wait to see where you are next.. you and the team are extremely AWESOME!!!

  • yikes too much skin!

  • At 09:10 you tell the audience that the help menu is translated from German so it’s not very colourful, whilst actually doing a full blown Nazi salute.

    I’m guessing this was purely coincidental?

  • Thanks Nick for these videos!

    Your vision and attitude is very encouraging.
    (just watched Steve Job’s documentary, and i see same enthusiasm in you).
    I enjoy this stuff very much.
    Clock is 0.40 am, others are sleeping, and i’m still watching this stuff.

  • SO… im in SLC, why did in not know of this! lol. also… so dumb question but… where and what ia Salt Lake City Motion Graphics Group??????

  • This is awesome. Nick, next time you’re in Orlando, stop by our Mograph Meet-up! Would love to have you, we’re very hospitable.

  • Local Tip: Honeycomb Canyon ; )

  • Hey! I’m one of those people who types the full website rather than use Facebook or Twitter!

  • Hey Nick,
    First off, thank you for all of your tutorials I wish I had found them earlier in my cinema journey. I also wish I would have known about your presentation in SLC! I’m just around the corner from there. I’ll have to get more involved with MoGraphMeetup. I was wondering if you had plans to present at NAB this year. If you are I would love to know when and where!

  • motion graphics May 16, 2015 at 1:32 am

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