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We get a lot of feedback and suggestions for tutorials here at Greyscalegorilla. Most of them in the form of…

“We Want More Tutorials!”
“How Do You Do This In Cinema 4D?”

We’ve always wanted to post more tutorials, answer more questions, and play with Motion Design and 3D. So we started an experiment.

We decided to do a live show once a week specifically to answer your C4D questions. We called it AskGSG and it has been a huge success over the last couple years.

If you haven’t been to one of our live shows, you may have been missing out on some of the most fun tutorials Chris and I have ever made.

Of course, It’s impossible to answer ALL the questions we get from you budding C4D artists out there. But, now that we have a weekly show dedicated JUST for that, it’s a lot easier for you to get your questions answered. Just bring your questions to one of the live shows, ask it in the chat room, and Chris or I will try to answer it. It’s that easy.

Can’t make it to the live shows? Or do you want all the Scene Files from these tutorials? Check out our AskGSG Page To Learn More.

Learn More About AskGSG

Below are just some of the questions we have tried to answer from artists like you…





Egg Y








Be sure to visit our AskGSG Page to see our schedule to watch the Live Stream and check the blog every week for a new tutorial.

  • Hey Nick I wish a realistic Ice Cream tutorial. Thanks!

  • Will you make a demo on how to bake textures in HQ for ArchVIZ with game engines line unity 3d or unreal ?

    Only with 3dmax and maya here are demos with Vray.

    Is it possible to do it with cinema or we need to change app?

  • Christian Behling March 6, 2015 at 8:11 am

    Please Please do a in depth tutorial on integrating cinema 4d animations into live action footage! So important, so relevant and soooo neglected by digital tutors.

  • I’ve searched EVERYWHERE for a good tutorial on character rigging and I just can’t find it. Not normal rigging with joints. The Character rigging built in C4D, and I wanna know if it actually works with a cartoony character, everytime I try to do it, it bugs completely. I dont know how to prep my cartoony character for it etc. So, if by any chance, Nick or Chris read this and you’re up for it, I would LOVE a rigging tutorial on the built-in Character tool

  • Vincent-louis Apruzzese March 7, 2015 at 11:19 am

    I love these video sessions. I would like to see more about workflow.. for example I have been working on some character stuff but trying to figure when to motion clips and layers, or how to set up the project with data sliders and morph tags… and in what order and what to avoid and what bugs to look out for and the workarounds would be really helpful in getting not one thing done, but future projects as well faster. Some of my morph tags jump back to their base position after the current keyframe but if I put one at the end of the timeline, the snapping back stops. Is that a bug, or how it should be done? hard to know!

  • would be great to know how you got from being a freelance working from home to having a studio and people working with/for you, cause in my experience, when things started working out very well as a freelance, I suddenly found myself facing the next step and finding out it’s got almost nothing to do with the fun stuff that pushed me towards motion design in the first place. So far this step is the hardest to me: don’t want to be an entrepreneur but seems like I have no choice.
    Perhaps you touched this topic in one of your on air discussions and I missed it, but nevertheless would be cool to hear your experience in a more “specific way”.

  • I’m still a beginner with Cinema 4D but I love your tutorials and I learn a lot from it. I do get stuck with very (seemingly) basic stuff though. For instance, I am trying to create a boat launch that has to be super-imposed onto a still image of a natural reservoir (I know, not the most exciting if you compare it to the rest of the stuff that gets done on here). But basically the issue is making the boat ramp fit to the geography of the still image. I don’t have anything else to go on except the image which is basically a half empty reservoir with a rocky shoreline. I created the boat launch (a simple paved cement launch consisting of large, flat cement tiles) that is supposed to run from the shore into the water. At the moment the launch is just flat polygons created on a flat plane but I want to use a deformer to create bends in the structure so it fits the steep curves of the shoreline. Obviously I have to eyeball the accuracy because there is no way of getting it perfect. I was just wondering what deformer to use in order to get this going.

  • In the tutorial, “How to Make Bubbly Rounded Type,” you used Motext, which works great. But I am importing a specific logo from Illustrator. It has extreme thick and thin strokes and your method of using Connect+Extrude doesn’t leave a uniform surface, which is very apparent with lighting and reflections. Is there another method? Does the font need to be hand-rounded with Sweeps? Is this something appropriate for a tutorial?

    David Rosen

  • Mohammed Hama-Ali August 1, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    Please, how can I create such that light (Link) of this picture.
    Thank u guys.

  • Cynthia Da Costa April 15, 2016 at 1:43 pm


    Would like to learn how to make these fancy pillars like these

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