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X-Particles 3.0 has arrived and is available in the Greyscalegorilla Store. If you are a current owner of X-Particles 2.5, you can upgrade to 3.0 here, or if you don’t own X-Particles, you can buy a new license here.

If you buy from The Greyscalegorilla store, you will be able to download scene files that we have made with X-Particles that you can use in your projects or to learn from.

New Flocking System

Network Modifier

Tendril Modifier

Awesome New Fluid System

The new fluid and FLIP solver makes smoke, fire and liquid simulations way easier and more realistic. Check out the test renders below from some other X-Particle users to see the new system in action.

Tons Of Other New Features

There are more effects and modifiers in the new Version. So many that we are still learning about them. Look for test renders and examples soon. Or, get X-Particles today and start learning this powerful system with us. See everything new in X-Particles 3 here.

See What X-Particles Users Have To Say

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  • Amazing to see the progression of this tool over the last few years, it’s easily becoming the most diverse and powerful toolkit for Cinema, definitely one of my favorites. Can’t wait to see more of your guy’s experimentation with it.

  • Awesome… Liquid and Viscosity amazing….
    Just one thing is bothering me… FONT… why that font in the showreel…
    Rest all cool….

  • Really looking forward to this update of x-particles. This is a really fast and agile system that allowed me to generate some great results when some unexpected curveballs were thrown into our production pipleine!


  • Am pretty sure this plugin can replace a bunch of softies I use for Liquid simulation.

    Tendril Modifier looks awesome!
    Birdguy looks more like Fishguy 😉

  • This is so cool! I can’t wait to try it! Is there a place where i could download the demo? Or is there only an option to buy it at this time? Thanks for the help 🙂

  • This new version looks totally amazing!
    I wonder if it’s also compatible with Octane Render though.
    Most of the plugins work perfectly with Vray.. but Octane not that much.

    Can’t wait to try a little Trial !

  • It`s amazing, really love this plugin!

  • Hey Guys 1 question: x-particles can do what makes fdturbulance?, i mean its a similar tool or different. thanks for read and reply

  • Is it going to be possible to buy older versions for a cheaper price, or do old versions get phased out like C4D? 500 dollars is a little too steep for my budget and I wouldn’t mind having a pared down, not as advanced earlier version.

  • sorry but that fire looks really aweful

  • I love your tutorials & this site.I am big fan of you.Thanks for every tutorial you made for us……

  • Hope you do some x-particles 3 tuts!

  • This new Particle System looks amazing. I will give it a try. Thanks for all the cool tutorials on your site.


  • the grayscale gorrirra is frakin AWESOME!!! – i love his beard!

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