Oops, I Froze Cinema 4D: A Love Letter To Maxon

April 10, 2015 - By 

In this short clip, Chris and I talk about some techniques to escape a crash in Cinema 4D. Stay tuned at the end for an extra special pretty please with sugar on top request for a new button in future versions of C4D.

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  • I AGREE!!!!

  • that sounds awesome! i want that so bad

  • Hi, you can also stop a simulation by hitting Command-R. It´s the render shortcut and it works pretty well preventing c4d to crash.

  • I kinda feel that Maxon should have implemented this when they introduced dynamics to C4D. It seems like such a simple addition to code into the program (even a timeout for the viewport could do it). But trusting Maxon, I am sure that they have thought this through already, and there is probably some really valid reason why such a feature is not possible yet.

  • I usually wait when i press until it stops calculating. But sometimes if i render something more crazy like caustics,subsurface scattering .etc. Before rendering i save the project and if i want to stop the render i go to task manager and “eliminate” cinema 4d in processes tab.

  • Press escape. This stops all animation and processes at the earliest opportunity.

  • Hey, how i rescue myself most of the time is by hitting or holding “F7” that is comparable to the caps lock thing in AE. Helped me a lot since i figured it out, think its definitely worth trying.

  • Guys, hitting Escape helps! The Escape button will not stop the calculation for the current frame, but will stop playback after that current frame has been calculated. So it’s the same behavior as your Software render trick.
    please check whether I’m fantasizing here, but for me it works. (I keep hitting Escape like manically though)

  • Try out a Windows configuration. I know, I know, Mac is better for creative suites and programms because development for Mac is easier ant all that. But I do my hardcore C4D projects on my PC instead of my Mac, and the PC never turned me down.
    If you are against switching to PC (I was against it too), buy the new MacPro (If you haven’t got it already). Peace.

  • Karel Schoonejans April 12, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    Add the “stop” button to your timeline controls. Then you can hit this button multiple times without the need to count for even clicks.

  • On a similar note, I’ve had times where I (intentionally or accidentally) created some massive procedurally generated geometry with stacks of bools and hypernurbs, ect. resulting in this abomination of an object that take Cinema a good minute or so just to figure out how it all goes together without even getting into animation. For any of these intensive situations, I’ve found it helps to switch out of the viewport(I keep the render settings and renderer in the same window). It seems to drastically lighten the calculation load, whether it’s completely stoping them or not, and can often be enough to allow me to un-enable some of the generators.

  • I have used the same techniques to get out of that. It’s the worst when you’re being an idiot and not saving your file. Usually you can recover it from the crash log folder, but sometimes…you can’t!

  • F7 (stop playback) is the only thing i’ve seen that is close. (F8 is just a toggle play/stop and F6 plays backwards…) Like marbach said, F7 is close to “caps lock” in AE. Question: Does other dynamics engine capable software have this type of “stop calculating” button?? Cheers.

  • Yep, in Houdini Esc stops everything this is a fantastic feature as Houdini can make really insane simulations.

  • So usful tips.Thank you!
    I wish Maxon will make it

  • ah man you guys really gotta start using Houdini. Instinctively mashing the escape key halts every process in the program, including dynamics, simulation, rendering, etc. Everything except file saving, and you can always throw your computer in the microwave to prevent that. Moreover its a good feeling knowing that if something is wrong and not behaving the way you expect it would, it is almost guaranteed user error. No more totally unexplainable errors and crashes (looking at you maya)

  • Maxon gives Any Salution for R20 ?

  • Yes please. We need that button.

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