30 X-Particles Scene Files Now Included with A New V3 License or V3 Upgrade

June 9, 2015 - By 


X-particles is the easiest and most fun way of adding literally millions of particles and effects to your Cinema 4D renders. If you haven’t seen what it can do, check out our intro to X-Particles tutorial or watch how fast it is to set up the new FLUID solver.

We have been using it a lot here at Greyscalegorilla. And now, you can thirty of our internal scene files when you purchase any X-Particles license or an V3 upgrade through the Greyscalegorilla Store. Get all the scene files featured on this page and more.

If you already own a V3 License from Greyscalegorilla, you will automatically get this in your email.

Visit the X-Particles Page To Learn More

Animated Scene Files

Primitive Project – Pink Hair Renders


Sub Surface Scattering Skin Blob


Joint Chain Wing Rig


DOF Web With Hair


Follow Surface Modifier Example

Visit the X-Particles Page To Learn More

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  • That’s jolly decent of you. Thanks very much.

  • Any way to get the scene files if you already bought X-Particles before GSG was selling it? Like, maybe if you’ve already bought like everything else GSG has put out? 🙂

    • same here,,
      i’d already bought x-particle direct from Insydium
      + bought every GSG products, mostly on their launch day
      now, it’s very frustrating not to have access to those juicy looking xp scenes files : (

    • I hope so. I bought 2.5 from GSG and got the upgrade through Insydium. I’d really like to check these out!

  • Amazing stuff.

  • I want to buy 3 version but I don’t know if I use it at home, and can I use it to the company’s computer? Which series need to buy?

  • Just bought this about a month ago… Do I get the scene files.. I

    • Anybody that purchased V3 through us should have received an email with the new files. If not, hit up support and we will look into getting it to you.

  • We bought X-Particles direct from x-particles.com. Is there anyway that we could get a copy of the scene files that you provide?

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