Being Human Is About Growing

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I sat down with Jared From Super Giant Ninja for a quick interview at NAB this year. We talked a bit about how I got into all this animation stuff in the first place. And, about what you can do to move forward in whatever you are working on.

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  • Great video Nick, and thanks for everything that you do

    • Yes, great and a fresh attitude , not just how much money can you make on your skills…..the soul has to be driven by curiosity also…

  • Pretty cool & inspiring. Way to go Nick!

  • …nice one…
    …and thanks GSG for keeping us hungry and sharing the knowledge!!!

  • You inspire me Nick! Thanks for sharing your gifts 🙂

  • Always good to hear some inspiring words from Nick. Thanks man!

    “Being human is about growing.”

  • Andrew Hoeveler June 29, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    Thanks, Nick. I love your positivity, and it’s an important reminder that we are all at our own level, constantly getting better and growing. PLAY is a very important creative tool that we sometimes forget about in today’s fast-paced ultra-competitive world, so it’s also important to remember that there’s no rush. Kudos to you for taking that year off to learn and grow at your own pace.

  • Nice and inspiring. we want a Chris Schmidt one as well. 🙂

  • wowow… you are a Great Nick, Thanks you so much for every thing i love cinema and love you Greyscalgorilla. I AM THE GORILLA 🙂

  • GSG taught me C4D, tks nick!

  • Great Nick…thx because sharing us your knowledge (you are a gorilla for me)…:)

  • Good to hear on a Monday especially! Thanks for recording this.

  • Excellent video Nick, doing what you love is helping me do what I love and I hope to pass that love along to others at some point. Thank you.

  • Richie Williamson June 29, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    Nick, you are a wealth of inspiration and experience. Your secret to success and happiness is profound with sincerity, warmth and truth. Long live Nick Campbell and Greyscalegorilla!

  • Man, the GSG introduced me to the world of C4D. I’m so grateful for the lessons and thanks Nick, for inspire me and others on the world 🙂

  • Thank you for inspiring and sharing!

  • Daniel Oscar Mayor June 29, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    I follow from Patagonia. Thanks for giving a little of inspiration.

  • Great video Nick.
    Very inspiring, now I feel like playing on C4D

  • Well done!! Thanks a lot again for your contribution for the C4D community!
    Cheers from Portugal!!

  • Nice video Nick, your talks and advice are really good and should be valued as much as your technical tutorials in my opinion.

    Funnily enough, I stumbled across GSG and yourself maybe 5 years ago when I was getting into animation/motion graphics and using 3DSMax, then I moved into a more technical role where I all but forgot about you and GSG while I spent my days in Solidworks.

    Then about 6 weeks ago my love of pinball made me stumble across Deadflip on Twitch and lo and behold, there was your ugly mug tilting away.

    Glad you are enjoying success as a reward for all your hard work, keep it up!

  • Great stuff!! Keep it up, from one of your many followers here in London.

  • Andrew Brand at Bad Studio June 29, 2015 at 5:28 pm

    Hey Nick,

    This interview epitomises everything I love about the Cinema 4D community. It’s that excitement for learning and generosity of sharing knowledge that inspires me and many others to continue to make things we are passionate about.

    Great interview!

  • BRAVO!!! Thanks for the inspiration provided every time!!!!!
    greetings from Mexico!!!

  • Thank you for continuing inspiring us all!

  • Alright! Where do I sign up to sit down next to you guys and gap the bridge?! I wish there was the same kind of community around in my country, there’s hardly anything to my knowledge. All I’m doing is sharing my work with friends and family but it’s not the same, they’re going “awww, that’s great!” to practically anything and it doesn’t inspire me to get better. I miss someone to throw balls with you know what I mean?

  • Great stuff Nick!

    Thanks a lot for everything!

    Greetings from Australia!

  • Thanks Nick for your inspiration in graphic arts and C4D, I wish i could quit my job and play with AAE and C4D too.

  • Thanks nick and the teams!!
    Inspiring people all days!!
    Grettinings fron Argentina!!

  • Hi Nick 😀 I want to say thank you, First of all.
    You don’t know how much give a lot of confidence to me and others. (like use C4D and After effect first time) And I could feel great that you speak your true feelings. thank you for your passion and everything 🙂

    greetings from Korea 🙂

  • Most honest video of 2015

  • Michael Willfort June 30, 2015 at 12:20 am

    HI Nick,
    Thanks for sharing. I am watching your videos for years now and see that you have improved a lot and your story is inspiring. Go on please!

  • Very nice short video, inspirational and positive. Thank you.

  • I like it very much!
    simple, essential, clean and true.
    good shot Nick!

  • So true ! Keep on growing !

  • Fast efficient and innovative. Here is how I perceive this beautiful team.
    Thanks for your investigation 🙂

    Un petit bonjour de France !

  • Thanks Nick for the on-going inspiration 🙂

  • Erik Besteman | BestOntwerp June 30, 2015 at 2:56 am

    Great interview! it’s all about growing and… play!

  • I get downhearted sometimes thinking my work isn’t good enough, bet when you say everyone thinks “I wish I could be better” then that inspires me, thanks Nick!

  • I share your passion for growing and gettin’ better along the run, but the problem is: how avoid the aweful sensation of being overwhelmed by all those new things I wanna learn? I mean… I’m trying my best to do things quickly (clients want that!) and also adding new skills to my toolset, but it’s hard! Being a generalist could be your winning card or a huge defeat!

  • Great nick!!

  • I think is great!

  • Made me smile in the best possible way, especially the last sentence. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • I just can’t be busy enought to NOT click and watch a GSG clip 😉 Thanks for inspiring!

    Wolf (Bremen, Germany)

  • Hey Nick.
    Nice and cool short video.
    Could it be a possibility that you could make a Greyscale Gorilla Vray light kit….?
    That would be awesome.
    Thanks again for all that cool job you and your team have made.

  • walter perrault June 30, 2015 at 6:00 am

    Thank you so much Nick you are truly an inspiration to myself and the community. I have learned so much from you and the GSG family

  • walter perrault June 30, 2015 at 6:04 am

    thank you so much nick for sharing your passion. you are truly an inspiration to myself and the gsg community. and thank you gsg family

  • How do they that? Yes. This question is the key for starting growing.

  • Super inspiring. The closing was the best part. Congratulations and thanks!

  • Thanks a lot, man!
    When I need some motivation about learn something new, I listen your podcast.

  • Thank you for all of the inspiration 🙂

  • Thanks for all Nick! very inspiring

  • OMG Nick! that sentence at the end… Bro! thanks a lot for share with us your work and thanks to the community to be there. Thanks all the staff of GSG.

  • Nicely put Nick. You’re total inspiration.

  • Fantastic. Well said Mr. Nick Campbell.

  • What an inspirational speech, Nick. I aspire to be what you and Chris have both become and I hope you grow further in the future!

    Thanks for everything.

  • I love you Greyscalgorilla.

  • Awesome video

  • Love it love the site, and am seriously impressed that all these tutorials you have on here are free, you Could charge for them and people would still buy them . . . . Goes to show who the site is here for which in turn speaks volumes about the people behind it.

    Very much a beginner here, dont know anyone I can actually physically watch at work with this stuff, so the tuts here kinda take the place of that, especially when the presenter is still sorta working it out as they go.

    Keep it up guys !!

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