Houdini Bridge: July 1st Chicago C4D Meet Up at Protokulture with Tyler Scheitlin

July 24, 2015 - By 

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Tyler Scheitlin of Protokulture demonstrates some of the capabilities of the Houdini Bridge beta at the most recent ChicagoC4D meet up.

ChicagoC4D is a user group that meets every other month to network and tour various studios in the Chicagoland area.

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  • Has greyscalegorilla seen the work of rawandrendered.com? Just curious

  • Hey Folks!
    Very informative. I learned alot!
    Although i think u dont get around subsurface scattering here. Compared to the reference the GSG result has a rather plastic look, wich also comes from the perfectly sharp top reflection layer. I think u dont need that at all or at least could blur it just a bit too.

    Anyway i always love to see new stuff from you guys.

    Btw. do you plan to switch to gpu rendering in the future? Its so much faster and looks so much better. I couldnt live without it anymore: D

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