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July 14, 2015 - By 


I recently had a great discussion with Andrew Price on the Blender Guru Podcast. During the interview we talk about how to learn faster by having more focus, why everyone should make at least one tutorial, why you don’t need to be an expert in all aspects of 3D, and how to get free ice cream. Give it a listen and let me know if you think I should do more podcast interviews?

Listen to The Interview Here

  • Great interview! I recently switched from blenderguru to greyscalegorilla for all of my tutorial needs!

  • Great discussion! It was an extra treat for me because cinema 4D and blender are my main 3D programs that i’m learning. And yes, i think you should do more of these kinds of podcasts. Greetings from Greece

  • Nice conversation! There were many inspirational moments. I’ve heared a plenty of new things even I’m a GSG fan for a several years. Keep it going guys!

  • This interview is so good and thought provoking. I started my 3D journey by using Blender. It’s really powerful, but as Andrew mentioned, the UI has some issues. (His two part series on fixing Blender’s UI is worth a watch even if you don’t use the software. It really makes you appreciate the effort that has gone into C4D’s interface)
    I moved from Blender to Cinema because C4D allows you to focus more on the end result by having significantly more intuitive tool set.

    I’m really enjoying listening to two of my digital mentors discuss CG, and achieving your goals. Thanks for giving me something worthwhile to listen to while I work.

  • Blender is awesome, but I wish it had a procedural animation module as good as Mograph. Hope someone in the future makes a plug in for that.

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