Five Second Projects “Harvest” Winners

October 30, 2015 - By 


The votes have been tallied and we have our winner. It was a clean sweep among our judges this time around!  Congrats to Nicola Gastaldi for submitting the winning animation, “Sow and reap and then again.”

Of course, we had a lot of great submissions, so check out the Honorable Mentions section, as well.  Some clever takes on the word, “Harvest!”

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Never done a five second project? Not sure what it is? Check out this page and we will see you back here soon.

Honorable Mentions


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  • Amazing work as always everybody. Creepy reflection in the brains cut.

  • Thanks guys, I’m really happy you liked it, this month there were some great videos!
    Already looking forward to the next project!
    Cheers everyone!

    • The winning entry reminds me of all those wasted hours spent playing Farmville!

      If I’d spent the time learning Cinema 4D instead of making patterns in crops, I might have had something worth entering :p

      But congratulations to Nicola, it’s cool \^^/

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