X-Particles 3.5 Is Here!

November 30, 2015 - By 

Insydium launched X-Particles 3.5 today. It’s a wonderful new update to an already powerful plugin. Now, you can drive your millions of particles with music, or even control your particle groups with light! To celebrate the launch of 3.5, we are having a sale.


If you already own X-Particles 3, than this is a completely FREE update. Even better you don’t have to do a thing – the update will happen automatically in Cinema 4D.

If you own 2.5, you can purchase an upgrade to 3.5 and continue to get all the updated features in the latest versions.

What’s New in 3.5?

X-Particles added some great new Modifiers and features in 3.5 to make it even more powerful and to give you more control of your millions of particles. Check out some of the features and videos below.

Sound Modifier

Tutorial for the Sound Modifier coming this week!

Trail Deformer

Enhanced Particle Groups

Data Mapping

Full List Of New Features In 3.5

  • Sound Modifier – Drive Your Particles with sound! This one is super fun to use.
  • Illumination Based Emissions – Use C4D lights to trigger particle emissions from surfaces.
  • Data Mapping – Easily Map Modifier Data onto other particle settings.
  • Trail Deformer – Easily Animate Particle Trails.
  • Particles Falloff – Now you can use particles as single Falloff Objects.

Look for more X-Particles 3.5 tutorials coming soon to Greyscalegorilla. Happy Particles!!!

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  • Hi. There seem to be only two options for buying, either an UNlocked license or an upgrade, but no Locked license option. I checked the price at insydium´s website, and at the current exchange rate, it´s USD 411, which is less than the 499 here with the discount applied, so I´m guessing the difference is because of the locked/unlocked thing?

  • Awesome promotion, I’ll keep saving money for this.

    It`s nice that you guys are constantly updating your plugins and you offer them free of charge for those that bought 3.0 x-particles.

    Can’t wait for more x-particles tutorials even tho I don’t have this plugin.

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