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To celebrate The Premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we are giving away a model Chris made during a live stream from this week.

Click here to download this Free Light Saber Cinema 4D Model

Inside the ZIP, you will see two different versions. One is the render you see above, lit with HDRI Studio Pack. If you don’t own HDRI Studio Pack, no problem, just open the textured and unlit version of the scene.

If you render anything with it, post a link to your render in the comments. We would love to see the results.

Wanna see how Chris modeled this? Watch the live stream recording below and see the exact techniques Chris used to model this Light Saber in Cinema 4D.

Live Cast Recording

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  • This is a Star Wars video i made with the free models from Pixel lab. It doesn’t have the lite saber Chris made in it, but it is star was related :D. I Think the light saber Chris made is better 🙂

    Thanks so much for making this modeling tutorial Chris:D! No joke its my most favorite one yet :D!

  • i like moddeling style and tips

  • Where was this when I modeled the same Lightsaber months ago?! LOL Love it guys, thanks for sharing. Check out the one I did —

  • Thx, but a Jedi must build his or her own lightsaber. 🙂

  • Great modelling tips. Since introduced me to all these selection shortcuts i got alot faster at modelling. Its a very pleasant workflow too.

    I would love GSG to work more with Specular and Reflectance Maps in the future since that really brings textures to a next (or should I say – the top – ) level and as far as I know this should be possible with the new reflectance system. I don’t know for sure since im using Octane now for almost everything.

  • bevel-object….i didn’t know!!!!!

  • Darn it – download not working for me but fab tutorial !

  • with your help, a toy character that i designed can now wield a lightsaber.
    I did a little gif to celebrate Mark Hamil’s birthday.Thanks a lot. check it out at:

  • hi i just downloaded this and own HDRI studio rig, however when i render it says (HDRI_studio_VOL2_055 ( reflect material.2\pro studios) and the same for (light material,2\pro studio) any help would be great. thanks

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