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January 1, 2016 - By 


Happy 2016! It’s that time of year again. Time to think about what we want to accomplish and what we want to learn in the new year.

Like you, we are constantly learning and growing to push our abilities beyond where they currently are. There is no resting. Being Human is about growing.

Let’s Learn And Grow Together

We have always encouraged others to start their own daily render project to help learn faster and to give a deadline to push against to make great work. It’s time we take our own advice.

That’s why are starting our own daily render project on our new Greyscalegorilla Daily Render page.

Why are we starting our own daily render?

  • To encourage more play time and experimentation in C4D.
  • To expand and grow our visual language and design skills.
  • To have an excuse to do more live shows. Look for a live show soon that is all about watching how some of our daily renders are made.
  • To show off our incredible artists here at Greyscalegorilla.
  • To show off what Cinema 4D and GSG tools are capable of.

Everyone Is At Their Own Level Of Learning

Listen, we aren’t experts or Gurus. Trust me. We are only trying to get better just like you. We are all at our own different levels of learning. We should all try something new every day and experiment with Cinema 4D and new plugins to see what is possible. As we do, we will be sharing our process.

So, will you join us? Will you commit to your own render per day? Set up some deadlines and let’s grow together in 2016. Drop a message in the comments if you commit to a daily render project with us. I would love to see everyone’s work.

Follow us on one of these sites to see our new render get posted every day.

Here is to a productive and educational new year!

Visit Our New Daily Render Page

  • Hey,

    I just startet my own daily render project a week ago. This is a perfect way to give and get some inspiration.
    Let’s see where is is going. I hope I’ll have a folder with 365 renders by the end of the year.

    Happy New Year Everybody !

  • Started doing not-so-daily daily renders sometime last year, but I want to actually make them really daily this year. I’ll be posting them on my Tumblr: http://ringquellenl.tumblr.com/

  • Count me in!

  • I’ve been doing these now for about 60 days, great way to focus your learning and you’re always looking around for inspiration. I post mine to my Instagram in a square format, take a look here I’d love to get some feedback! – https://www.instagram.com/bentuckerfilm/

  • We are in! wearegladys.tumblr.com

  • So looking forward to seeing these! I’ve been doing daily renders for almost a year now and I’m almost at my goal of a year!
    Can’t wait to see the inspiring stuff from GSG!

  • I’m in. I tried once before and failed miserably. Started off as a one a day, then to one a week, then….

    I did have a good idea, though. I am going to start off with a simple cube or sphere and just see what I can do with that one object. see how many different looks, lighting, textures, etc. and I won’t be using any presets.

    well, I’ll have to use the GSG HDRI studio rig, but that goes without saying 🙂

  • Hello Creatives,
    I would love to be involved in this one. Thanks heaps.

  • Hi gsg
    Hope you a great and amazing year.
    I can’t believe you will be posting everyday ..
    I am sure that it will be awesome. .
    Me too I will try ma best this year
    I will post everyday at
    Wish you all luck

  • loving this, I started mine on the 1st Jan:

  • I’m trying to do it animating stuff, I called them “Sometimes” because I just need some more time for each release 😉

    Feel free to follow @:

  • I started a project this week to challenge me to make something every day. Today I completed the 5th of # 45daysofC4D.

    Check out the fanpage about the project:


    Thanks! 🙂

  • Been doing daily render for 25 days now. Started on Thailand children’s day this year. Having lots of fun.

    I will try to post everyday at


  • I started on January 1. It’s not all C4D but most of it is. http://www.instagram.com/jessslarson84/

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