Simple HDR Update: Make Your Own 360 HDRIs

February 11, 2016 - By 


  • Very cool app, do you have any plans on making this for Android?

  • Time to sell my theta M & get an S!
    Been loving the app / theta combo. Getting a nice collection of personal HDRI’s.

    hi guys can you make a tutorial for animation like this thnks very much

  • Hey Nick, Sounds like a great app!
    I’m going for the new Nikon Keymission when its released. 4K video!
    Any chance you will make the app for different camera’s?
    Keep up the good work! Love it!

  • Nick,

    I’m getting great results (shadows and reflections) with most lighting situations. However, I’m struggling to get good shadow results for exterior shots where the sun is casting very harsh shadows. I can’t seem to get those shadows within C4D. The reflections are great, but the shadows are very soft. I was wondering if you could give some tips for these types of shots where the sun is casting harsh shadows.


  • By the end of this tutorial, you ll have made your very own 360? HDR environment map that can be used to light a 3D scene.

  • Hey Nick..

    Once you merged all the pics into . HDR with photoshop .. how do you return it into a spherical image in HD.
    I bought the software on iTunes

  • I second the call for an android version please. I’d buy straight away!

  • Your app gets raw images from the cam or use the jpegs?
    If you say raw I will run to buy a camera and your app.

  • How can I use these custom HDRis with GSG HDRi Rig?

  • Zack Patterson May 3, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    Will there be an update to HDRI link to allow users to use their own HDRI’s?

  • does it work with Theta SC?

  • Will the app still be compatible once iOS deprecates 32-bit? It looks like it hasn’t been updated for years, has the developer abandoned it already?

  • A real shame,… This was a great solution at the time, but it seems to have had quite a limited shelf life. I was about to pull the trigger and buy a theta and the Simple HDR app but didnt because of the following reasons.

    1. Most people would obviously want to buy the latest model of Theta, however the App development (by BuiltLight) seems to have stopped at the early (lower) theta model.
    2. Im not finding any information about being able to use my own hdr’s with GSG HDRI Link.

  • Is this no longer a good choice to make custom HDRIs?
    Is there anything newer or updated, if this is now outdated as of Dec 2018?

  • It’s been 3 years and still no android alternative? :\ This is awesome but I’m not about to switch OS for it lol.

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