Cinema 4D R18 is HERE!

July 25, 2016 - By 

Maxon just announced the much-anticipated Cinema 4D R18 update and we are breaking down all our favorite new features!


We are excited to bring you these quick breakdowns and we promise more in-depth tutorials are not far away. Also, be sure to check out Maxon’s site for a complete list of new features. So enough talk, let’s see what’s NEW in Cinema 4D R18!

New Mograph Object: Voronoi Fracture

New Mograph Effector: Push Apart

New Viewport Enhancements

New Mograph Features

New Knife Tools

New Mograph Effector: RE:Effector

New Thin Film Shader

New Bump Map Feature: Parallax

New Vertex Color Tag

GreyscaleGorilla Transform R18 Integration

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  • New Knife Tools 05:18 , don’t use u~w… double click with move tool in polygon mode…

  • Thin Film Shader is for fake dispersion effect?…

  • LOL did you even watch the videos?

  • bodypaint update ???? when???

    • the have announced before that it will be available through R18 cycle , so it will be as an update to r18

  • New Fracture Varoni is pretty sick.Thanks!

  • Viewport Enhancements – omg, so cool!

  • what’s about the fluid-section?

  • from where can i download the demo version . . . ?
    its only R17 ready for download in the official site

  • Hi GSG team.

    Thanks for all those videos about C4D R18

    PS: in the title above the last video, there’s a naughty R that moved form “TRansform” to “Integration”.

  • Chad, is that a Fred Smith on the wall.

    • Heck yah! It’s a re-issue fred smith deck made by Beer City Skateboards and Tim Chiapetta in particular. It rules!

  • “Transform” instead of “Tansform” (GSG transform integration r18 video) 😛

    nice video’s btw!

  • I was waiting so long for Cinema 4D update. Can’t wait to buy it, but I think changes aren’t so impressive. Or am I wrong ? What do you think guys?

  • I was a bit confused by the Vertex Colour tool explanation. It seems like a good painting tool, but you said it was only useful for technical purposes or Houdini integration? Why did you downplay it so much?

  • Did Chad just say bump channel can’t use procedural noises any more, or did I imagine that ? Nearly everyone uses noises in bump channel ! Or does it just not work with the parallax control (I hope!) ?

    • Ha ha, don’t worry…noises of course still work in the bump channel. Procedural noises do not work in the new Parallax bump yet. So you’re all good if you use the regular bump with noises.

  • Hello everybody,

    a new release is out and I am happy with the integrated Voronoi fracture thingy 🙂

    A big thank you to the Gorilla team for the quick and nice overview what we will see in R18! Always appreciated 🙂

    Happy rendering!

  • Nice job Chad, the new viewport tools look great. What gpu are you running?

  • How can I update from r17 if I have an MSA agreement?

  • Nice! But all we are waiting for is some “affordable” versions! May be subscription?

  • This is crazy!
    Look forward to the new build-in particle and fluid simulation system.

  • Sorry to say but new updates don’t look appealing to me. I switched from Maya to c4d for mograph but my real love is for character animations, with mograph now in Maya and totally new character animation tools are now making me switch back to Maya again especially with corrective shapes and time editor.

  • can you show us what is new in content browser?..

  • Hello,firstly thank you very much for useful videos,I have a question about “New Viewport Enhancements”; How about the performance of transparent objects?
    for example; a full glass of white wine or such as jam jars.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Chad Ashley, New Viewport Enhancements is work on Mabook pro”s

  • I recently read your tutorial,gumball machine. . I found a problem, sugar spheres within the bulb is not shiny. If I add HDRI map to physical sky is normal. How to solve this problem ah, please help me.

  • Hello

    i have a question about Voronoi Fracture. I want to know how can i edit the edges. In the reel “Cinema 4D R18 Voronoi Fracture Demo Scenes” i saw that the edges of the skull parts aren’t hard (for example, take a look at the 43th second), you doing that manually, after making the object editable or how? I tried to add the subdivision surface,but i think it doesn’t work for this situation,it’s look so ugly with subdivision surface. So tell me please how to get the result as in the reel, what is the technique?


  • Transform plugin and Voronoi Fracture (in the video: Fracture Voronoi) do not seem to work together in my C4D R18.
    Transform does not accept “cloner”telling ” Not cloner object, change modes”.

  • how i can download cinema 4 d R18

  • Hi, Nick! Thanks for these great videos. Just FWIW, I discovered a little something, the hard way: For some reason Fracture Voronoi does not produce “solid chunks” if the mesh in question is initially all triangulated (as so many free models available online are). If the mesh is all triangulated, FV can only break the mesh up into “hulls” (thin outer “eggshell” pieces). I’m guessing an all-triangulated model would have to be laboriously retopo’d , no?

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